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| 15th Oct 2008 |      


Hello --

I've been using Q-Dir for a couple months.

Two specific end-user functions that I would find helpful:

It would be ideal if solution maintained statistics on frequently accessed folders and maintained this list in primary "local" pull-down (would be immediate items when click the "down" arrow).

(2) I like to keep folder tree open on left pane (regardless of # of folder display panes on right).

I would like ability to DRAG a folder I click/drag from left-hand folder pane into RIGHT pane and have it OPEN this folder for diplay (not copy/move).

Thanks 4 suggestions!

"A device attached to the system is not functioning."
I unpacked it with PeaZip 2.0 (another time I unpacked it with 7-Zip 4.57); both times successfully.

The directory size
How do I enable the "Optional display of the directory size and directory content in the status bar"?

TreeView the same for "All have One" as when "One for All"
I mean, adding the little toolbar to allow showing a preview window below the tree?

Could you put Folder Size in the Column?
So, showing Folder Size inside Q-Dir maybe a great idea then.

I've found the exact description for this functionality (seen on fireftp) : Keep directories in sync while navigating
Hello, I'm recently using QDir, and searched for a synchronize browsing functionnality : when checked, going in /test/ folder in a visible panel will go on /test/ folder in all others visibles panels if they exists.

I think Font Viewer is a great program exactly what I was looking
for except would it be possible to add the ability to remove fonts from view to narrow your choices to few for comparison? This feature was in another program I replaced with yours.

Always start in detail mode,
I can't save view mode, Q-Dir always start in detail mode, but i usually list mode, how to fix it? thank you very much.

Folder sizes would be a nice.
I work on it! I work at optimisation for slow HD/PC ;)


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