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| 23th Oct 2008 |      



Drag & Drop within Q-Dir and/or from Q-Dir to Explorer ends up with no results. No menu pops up (asking "copy" or "move" or any other options) and the copy move isn't executed.

Besides this, It's really addicted! Thanks.

IE Ver.: 7.0.5730
W-Dir Ver: 3.29
Please read this:

When you put a mouse cursor over the program icon, there is no label available.
Moreover, Help does not describe how to use the program. It just lists Keyboard shortcuts. Here is a revised Help file, which lists unlabeled icons.

Creation of a new folder directly in a file/folder
List and inputting its name there, then pressing ENTER to confirm: the ENTER key does not work.

Both do not update zoom on secondary monitor
It stops repainting at the edge of the primary monitor, making for a nice effect in the zoom window :)

The directory size
How do I enable the "Optional display of the directory size and directory content in the status bar"?

You have color filter enabled (checked) under default
When I opened the newest version 3.431, this happens (screenshot). Then go to extras - list view - uncheck color filter and everything is OK. Default setting should be with color filter OFF and not ON.

It has saved the folder windows so that the next time
I run it, the same folders open. That's what I like. It was fine last night when I shutdown, but for some reason, it wouldn't work like that today. I was using v3.43 last night, but updated to v3.45 today when I realized that I had a problem. Any ideas? Thanks.

How to save settings with a portable install ?
Till now I used to install Q-Dir shortening the name and placing the exe in the right directory. But then, all my settings were lost and I had to choose them back. Does a portable install avoid this hassle ?

Today I tried FontViewOK
It's a great tool but maybe you can change the background for the selected font in a lighter color, or reverse the foreground.


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