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| 3th Oct 2008 |      


First of all, thank you for a great FREE software. Usually, I don't like external file manager apps , somehow your software catch my eyes. I do like it. The only think which annoying me is that Q-Dir doesn't support full Icons. For ex. I'm using Bee Icons to change all my default icons, like file types, folders and HD/CD/DVD icons. Q-Dir does not show the correct icons, it shows the default icons set and not the correct one.

Any clue how to solve the problem ?
First of all, Thanks!
They have a 64-bit system?

NO, I have 32-Bit Windows XP+SP2.
Please send me a screenshot. Thanks!

So i could be a portable version it could great
Desktopok is really a great and useful freeware but why don't let the program save the *.ini (desktopok.ini) in the same folder of the program

To have a border in some color around the active window.
I like the program very much! But the active window is only recognizable by the red icon at the bottum right. I would prefer to have a border in some color around the active window.

Your program is one of two from eight which WORK properly for me.
I wonder if you would consider adding it to the context menu as the sys tray is easily cluttered and easily deleted.

Was working fine until I tried copying large disk images files.
I was copying 3 x 4.4GB files from one disk partition to another (located on two hard drives), and each time copying starts normally with the progress bar, then it would freeze 1/3 way. I have to shut down the program, and the copied files were corrupt.

Can you made a full English version of your great softwares?
I think that would makes other people easy to translate your great softwares into their language.

I've found the exact description for this functionality (seen on fireftp) : Keep directories in sync while navigating
Hello, I'm recently using QDir, and searched for a synchronize browsing functionnality : when checked, going in /test/ folder in a visible panel will go on /test/ folder in all others visibles panels if they exists.

Well done for this amazing program I am distributing to all my friends
- Add multitab(really useful ) - add new toolbar with drag and drop application ,folder .

The program don't keep in memory
I want to have 2 horizontal views, with a tree view for each windows, with view on D:\Documents for the the first, and E:\anotherdirectory for the second.


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