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| 5th Oct 2008 |      


Dear sir,

Is there a way to use desktopok in a batch file to restore a desktop named "xxx" for instancw?

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the tip.
Will try in one of the next version to integrate. (2009)

To see Q-Dir acting more like Total Commander
Instead of complicated dragging, ready-made buttons for COPY< MOVE, etc. Until then, it is less practical and comfortable to use than TC.

When pointing to ftp folder, it will open a new instance of Windows Explorer
Furthermore, i found a error message when i copying large number of file (say 3xxx files) from one Qdir pane to another Qdir within the same instance. I don't know what the error message said since it is not in English. After i press OK (not in English), it still can copy. I remember that I output a very small negative number (I guess is somewhat overflow).

I use Q-Dir 3.51 and find it really great.
For the moment, when I leave Q-Dir and go back later, Q-Dir opens with the view on the las directory I've seen before.

I also suggest incorporating everything search found
I like qdir very much, but it lacks several features found in other file managers, one is the search function,

Why the options Classic Address-bar and Modern Address Bar
Why the options Classic Address-bar and Modern Address Bar (Like Vista) are disabled in the Extras - Address-Bar menu ?

I have a previous version (3.2??) on my computer and when I drag and drop files
However, with the vesrion on my wife's computer I don't get any of that. What I get is the standard windwos based displays instead. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?

Your console wrapper is a good idea for me to make my work colorful.
However, there is a problem because I cannot break my command (which takes a long time) using CTRL+C. How can I do that, or will it be added in future releases?

Selected folder size in detail view
I could also create other special columns like files inside selected folder and subfolders inside selected folder. I know it can already be done in the status bar in current Q-Dir versions, but this feature would be better used in columns.


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