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| 3th Nov 2008 |      


Thanks for your good software.
I want to recommand to add a function:

Go back to the "UP" directory when L-Mouse-Key DoubleClicks any blank space of the active window.

Please refer to xplorer2 (www.zabkat.com)
TO> Go back to the UP directory
Q-Dir has this function!
Please activate this over: "MENU">"EXTRAS">"LISTVIEW">

Dear author,
I found a small bug: Extras->Title-Bar->"Show the Path" and "Show the Name" don't work.

Like "Desktop" & "Computer" Tool-Bar button ?
In the panel's icon bar - a button with a drop-down list with enumerated names of computers in the local network.

When you work in a network and there is folder
Where you don't have access rigths if you try to open this folder with Q-DIR it crashes.

The Color Filter Import does not seem to work.
I have a color filter setup from an previous version(3.47)as Q-Dir_color.ini and it does not seem to import in at all.

Leaves a registry key in HK Current User\Software\SoftwareOK.
As you mention, once I used Q-Dir, I cannot turn back. I am currently using version 3.431 and was going to upgrade to 3.45, but version 3.45

Any way to show the tree list when the program start, this is possible ?
I think if you keep the application small and add little option like make the trees Autoexpand this will be perfect. (just my opinions)

How can I make the list view fonts larger
How can I make the list view fonts larger

For explorer when opening folders/drives;
Nice program! It would be nice to have an option to substitute QDir for explorer when opening folders/drives; like PowerDesk but this is still very useful


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