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| 14th Nov 2008 |      


Q-Dir 3.22 Windows XP-Pro / SP3 / IE7.0

Dear author,

I found a small bug:
Extras->Title-Bar->"Show the Path" and "Show the Name" don't work.

Please fix it.

Thanks I will repair it in the next version Q-Dir 3.33

Windows vista 32
Please use the Q-Dir 3.33

I have no idea what I did wrong, but suddenly it worked as
I expected it would and like I was hoping it would, I now have preferred layout and folder locations in separate shortcuts.

How do you change the fonts for the tree-view and the list-view?
Thank you for responding to my email. I read the FAQ before I emailed you asking my questions. The FAQ does not address my question. Right now in the tree-view the font is aerial, while in the list-view the font is tahoma. I would like both the tree-view and the list-view to be the same font - tahoma. How can I do this?

Every time I opened Q-Dir, it is showing me 4 panes of the drives, C:, D:, E:, F:, etc.
Is there a way to start it so that it begins with the folders I opened the last time?

I had screen divided into 3 logical sections.
What happened was that the 2 files (out of 3) I was copying got deleted but the directory I wanted deleted remained. The file that was actually in process of copying could not be deleted because the system said it was in use so I only lost two files.

I think that I found an issue with QDir 3.47 (and previous versions).
In the address bar the path disapeared. Just to select another panel and the path of each panel goes away. Windows 2000 SP4 IE 6.0

Have tried extracting it out of zip package again but it still opens with NO MENUS.
When I open Q-Dir each time, I see the Menu bar VERY BRIEFLY, then the whole window quickly jumps up a step to EXCLUDE the Menu bar. This all happens damn fast. Ugh!

Can you add a new column with extention
Can you add launch bar ( you can put exe or file ) 2 : can you add a new column with extention ( examples wav, exe, . ) 3 : A menu to change date or time 4 : see size of the folder ( and for each sub folder ) 5 : command dos line


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