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| 14th Nov 2008 |      



My name is C...., i'm a french translator.

I've made the french translation of Q-Dir and i'll want to know if i can put it on line on my site http://ww.,,,,,,-,,,,,,,.com or if i send it to impliment it in your program

Best regards
I will prepare the strings for the future (translation)!
I think that will be ready in ver. 3.33 or 3.34 (1-2 weeks ),

I think this would make it the most complete and best Explorer replacement available.
I think this would make it the most complete and best Explorer replacement available.

The mediaplayer instance you make when previewing media files,
Why do I need to tell Q-Dir the file is a media file and not an image? (It does not auto-switch the previewer)

Since I use a docking station for my ACER travelmate 6292,
I need really your product, because every time I swap the display to eternal monitor, I loose all my tiringly ordered icons.

Can do a double-click or press F2
To rename the time does not include the extension? So I think it is quite convenient. Thank you to provide such a good software!

I have to click on the name bar to alphabetize the list
Is there anywhere in the options to have it start alphabetized?

When pointing to ftp folder, it will open a new instance of Windows Explorer
Furthermore, i found a error message when i copying large number of file (say 3xxx files) from one Qdir pane to another Qdir within the same instance. I don't know what the error message said since it is not in English. After i press OK (not in English), it still can copy. I remember that I output a very small negative number (I guess is somewhat overflow).

This weekend I had the ugly project of sorting out hundreds of files
And then I discovered the icing on the cake.I needed to print out file lists and thought I'd have to go through the usual gymnastics of using yet another program to sort and export and then I discovered that Q-DIR does it completely painlessly with a single command.

No matter are disposed icon on desktop,
When I try to restore a layout saved before, icons return back at original status, different of any one saved.


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