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| 17th Nov 2008 |      


I publish a freeware review blog called www.freewaregenius.com (....... visitors/day).

I like QDir very much and would like to publish a review. I do have a couple of suggestions though.

1) The filter: is it possible to have (a) the filter box be visible always, rather than having to click "filter & highlight" to make it visible; (b) to have an "auto wildcard" option where the program assumes a (*) before and after anything that is typed in the filter box, and (c) to be able to clear the filter by pressing an (x) next to the filter box, rather than the "I dont need show all files" in the dropdown.

2) Calculate and display folder sizes on demand: it would be fantastic to have a button that would do this for the visible window or even for selected folders.

Great program by the way! I like it and use it and believe me Ive used many. I could go on and on with suggestions but I feel that the ones above are really important to take this program just over the edge into "must have" territory.

Thanks for all your work!

S..... K.....
Thanks for all!
Will integrate it in the next version .

Preview possibility in panel without opening programs
Preview possibility in panel without opening programs

Now, on the version 3.45, we can display multiple explorer panels
In the form of tiles in the main window, but it would be nice to be able to have several explorer panels organized in tabs. So we could have one instance of Q-Dir in the task bar, and different full-framed explorer panels in several tabs.

I'd like to disable the internal archive support, since I prefer using 7-Zip. Is is possible ?
I'd like to disable the internal archive support, since I prefer using 7-Zip. Is is possible ?

I've been puzzling the last two days how this Multi-INI feature is supposed to work.
I would like to save a configuration which starts in specific folders when I launch Q-Dir with this configuration.

To History please use Right-Click on GO-BACK-/FORWARD or UP To copy full path I will add!
Secondly, is a history function so you can see where you have been. I find that I work in the same folders a lot, so this function would be extremely useful. Thirdly is the ability for a right-click, or menu item, that will copy a files full path, directory path, or file name. I need this functionality all the time for work and it would be extremely useful. Thank you for reading my comments, and for an excellent explorer program. I hope you consider my suggestions for future versions. Thank you.

Can you add, in the favorite qdr file the style of view for each windows.
For images folder favorite I need to view Thumbnails and for only explorer file I need to view details. When I switch between these favorite, all view must be like the save of qdr file.

However what Q-dir lacks is a synchronization mechanism.
I've been looking into Q-dir and the program is fine. Untill now I used mainly SpeedCommander but the fact that Q-dir can open more windows then 2 is a nice improvement which often comes in quite handy.

This is what keeps me using xplore32.
This string would be the app and its args that would open any file, independent of file type.


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