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| 5th Nov 2008 |      

i can not find my pictures that are on print photo wizard. I want to view and delete some of them where would i find them I looked in my pictures folder/file and none are there?
So I quickly locate the error and fix it,
I ask for the following information:
1. Installed OS: Win98/2000/ME/XP/2003
2. Servicepak on your operating
3. Installed Internet Explorer

Naturally, the program name and version

For example:
Q-Dir 2.99 Windows - XP-Pro / SP2 / IE7.0
Blaa... Blaa... Blaa...

I've made the french translation of Q-Dir and i'll
Want to know if i can put it on line on my site http://ww.,,,,,,-,,,,,,,.com or if i send it to impliment it in your program

The screen magnifier does not work on multi monitor desktop.
It works on the primary monitor but not on the secondary.

I cannot get to the download page.
I suspect it is some setting on my computer rather than on your site. Can you suggest anything? I get this page is blocked or the site refused to open. Thanks.

Hi. Small suggestion for a great software:
What about being able to access "My Network Places" as a folder as in Windows Explorer? Regards,

I have finished my translation how do you want me to send it to you, or is there a way to include it on the program?
So I decided to translate to Italian, but it seems that on the menu View only the first two items get translate to Italian and the rest stays in English.

How do I display of the directory size and directory content
I want to see selected files total size at footer bar near the objects count. If you add for new versions, it will be helpfull for many user.

PowerDesk is slow to sort, I use QDir for fast searches etc. VERY nice and very fast.
A nice feature that could be added to QDir would be the ability to add a note attached to any file listed.

Allow quick changedir by making clickable single parts of path in address bar.
Wonderful, compact program ! Improvement idea: allow quick changedir by making clickable single parts of path in address bar. Example: path "D:\Fra\RAM_key\IN", when clicking "Fra" Qdir immediately goes to D:\Fra


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