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| 22th Nov 2008 |      


Hello, I really appreciate your work for this app, it's very useful.
I'm writing now because, also on version 3.33, if I open the program and from extras menu I choose Tree-view/One 4 all , after closing, re-opening the program that setting is lost.
Tks a lot for your attention, if you have any question don't hesitate to contact me.
My best regards

ANSWER : And the other settings?

For now seems that the others features are working fine, Im honest, Im not using all features included, but up to now, the previous one mentioned, is the only one I use mostly and the first one I had that kind of problem
Tks for your attention

ANSWER : advance times:

Tks to you!
Now I fix it with your FAQ, it was not a problem like I tought
Have a nice time, and my best congratulations for your app


ColorConsole. It is now an essential tool for me.
I could not find how to input control sequences such as CTRL-C. Could you possibly tell me about the function?

I would like to ask you to add Hebrew support
First of all I want to mark that this program is very useful and I distribute it amongst my friends.

Can save the worksplace for openning different folders,
For openning different folders, for example click Photo workplace, the program will open 4folder related to the photo for me

"My place" is one great software !
Thank you for making the english version. I'm using it now and I will use it as often as I need it.

Can you add, in the favorite qdr file the style of view for each windows.
For images folder favorite I need to view Thumbnails and for only explorer file I need to view details. When I switch between these favorite, all view must be like the save of qdr file.

Creation of a new folder directly in a file/folder
List and inputting its name there, then pressing ENTER to confirm: the ENTER key does not work.

In order to see the change you need to force refresh F5.
When you try to drug a file, it just like you are not pressing the left mouse button. The file don't want to move. And if I do cut, I see it become transparent, when I press CTRL V, Nothing happened.

View and compare fonts that are NOT
Would it be possible to let user view and compare fonts that are NOT installed also? User can choose folder where fonts are saved and view all. If the user likes a font, then click the font and press install to copy font to Font\ folder.


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