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| 23th Nov 2008 |      


preview possibility in panel without opening programs .
(compare Powerdesk)
word, excel,pictures,ascii, binary files.

like MSIE ActiveX ?

To have a tab for quick links to favorites (similar to Firefox).
Also, to be able to set keyboard shortcuts for specific favorites folders (similar to xplorer2).

Definitely much better than MS-Explorer
My suggestions is on the rebar or the addres bar, to have the "cookie crumbs" feature, for example, having the full path be clickable, so one can click on any part of the path and go directly there.

How can I make the list view fonts larger
How can I make the list view fonts larger

There is a problem with multiple monitor handling.
As a result, if the primary monitor is the right monitor, the secondary monitor on the left will have a negative X coordinate. This causes the commands Left, Right, Middle to always move Q-Dir to the primary monitor if it is located on the secondary monitor.

Built-in Loupe
(Alt-L) does not want to remember last configured size

The Color Filter Import does not seem to work.
I have a color filter setup from an previous version(3.47)as Q-Dir_color.ini and it does not seem to import in at all.

I currently use TortoiseSVN
And that changes the files/directory icons if files have modifications etc. When I view these in UltraExplorer the icon shows the TortoiseSVN icon. In Q-Dir it does not.

How can I browse FTP folders with Q-DIR? do you support SFTP?
How can I browse FTP folders with Q-DIR? do you support SFTP?


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