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| 23th Nov 2008 |      


I do like your Q-Dir program, I will find it very useful. Will you be doing any skins for it at all?

p.s have you done any page turning software for pdf files?

to> have you done any page turning software for pdf files?

Should refresh when folders
The tree-view should refresh when folders are delected in the list-view.

TreeView the same for "All have One" as when "One for All"
I mean, adding the little toolbar to allow showing a preview window below the tree?

PowerDesk is slow to sort, I use QDir for fast searches etc. VERY nice and very fast.
A nice feature that could be added to QDir would be the ability to add a note attached to any file listed.

I would like to ask you to add Hebrew support
First of all I want to mark that this program is very useful and I distribute it amongst my friends.

Option to turn off auto-focus in listview when mouse hovers over window.
Otherwise when moving mouse out of the way, hotkeys act on wrong pane.

Hi. Small suggestion for a great software:
What about being able to access "My Network Places" as a folder as in Windows Explorer? Regards,

Search the first folder when I have no select.
When I change the directory to "C:\Program Files" with Q-Dir ,then I click the blank area(in order to let the Q-Dir don't select any folder), and i click the key CTRL+F the search window appears,but the search path is not the "C:\Program Files" but the "C:\Program Files\ComPlus Applications".I know I can use F3 ,but I feel it is unreasonable that the Q-Dir search the first folder when I have no select. I hope you can give consideration.

This is a restricted location not write accessible to non-privileged users.
Configuration parameters should be written to the locations defined by either "AppData" or "Local AppData" in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders] to ensure they are writeable & personal to each user.


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