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| 25th Nov 2008 |      


for people that work with file sequences, we usually see:
> file_001.png
> file_002.png
> file_003.png
> file_004.png
it would be great to have an option to collapse them (based on extension would be even better) so they look like:
> file_[001-004].png
and if you click and rename it you would automatically do a batch rename on all those files!
Thanks in advance!

I think this functions can be added in future ;)

This works well on Win-XP. On the Win-2000 SP4 there are problems.
The program does not work. You can korrekt it? Thank you for the excellent program!

Both do not update zoom on secondary monitor
It stops repainting at the edge of the primary monitor, making for a nice effect in the zoom window :)

Q-Dir is not showing Overlay-icons for Source control tools
by example TortoisCVS and TortoiseSVN. Is there a way (or option that I didn't find yet) to have these overlays shown, and still use the color enhancements Q-Dir shows by default?

TreeView the same for "All have One" as when "One for All"
I mean, adding the little toolbar to allow showing a preview window below the tree?

Change the current way preview works.
Change the current way preview works.

The screen magnifier does not work on multi monitor desktop.
It works on the primary monitor but not on the secondary.

Save view for each folder independently
Explorer saves view options for each folder but almost no substitute program seems to do it effectively. Would also be nice to have it replace / integrate explorer automatically for any time I click on a drive.

Rename in the context menu/press F2,
Vista selects only the filename, not the extension ! Could you add this to your great software ! It would be very cool !


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