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| 27th Nov 2008 |      


Dear Hrg,
I appreciate your development effort of ColorConsole. It is now an essential tool for me.
And, I have a question about ColorConsole version 1.59.
I could not find how to input control sequences such as CTRL-C. Could you possibly tell me about the function?
I am sorry if it is an FAQ.

CTRL-C is for copy (text)
ENTER is like CTRL-C in cmd.exe

I started to use your Qdir from today and I think can't work without it from now!
Thank you for doing that!

Although I set Q-Dir not show hidden files and system files
It does show them and the large nuber in C:\Windows etc is a nuisance. I already have those options checked in Windows Explorer and it works fine there.

I do like QDir, which a fantastic (and free !) piece of software.
But I would be very glad, when I launch it, to have each window automatically opened on the directory which was opened the last time I closed it.

Would it be possible to add 'Search' to Q-Dir
Would it be possible to add 'Search' to Q-Dir (for files, names of files/directories, content, &c.)?

The Color Filter Import does not seem to work.
I have a color filter setup from an previous version(3.47)as Q-Dir_color.ini and it does not seem to import in at all.

It is only advice to improve qdir.
File or Folder search, Web browser, Reg Editor and File Renamer are very small and quite useful as well.

Its original view settings
I've used Window Washer, Ccleaner, and Revo Uninstaller, but it still won't reset back to its original state.

Could you add these features to the next version?
Minimize to the system tray - Automatically activated when the system started - instead of explorer, when I press the win + e, start the Q-Dir.


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