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| 27th Nov 2008 |      


Please add breadcrumbing to the address bar like Windows Vista, where you can click a subfolder to move up the hierarchy .

I think this functions can be added in future ;)
But tes the R-mouse click on goto upfolder

I'm recently using QDir, and searched for a "synchronize browsing" functionnality
When checked, going in /test/ folder in a visible panel will go on /test/ folder in all others visibles panels if they exists.

When you work in a network and there is folder
Where you don't have access rigths if you try to open this folder with Q-DIR it crashes.

What can I do to find again the features of "stroke it" with q-dir ?
I have enjoyed using your q-dir explorer tool since v 3.33. however, since I have installed the v 3.49 version, I can't use "stroke it" (a mouse gesture application) with it. And if I uninstall the last version to reinstall the v3.33 version, it's the same problem. What can I do to find again the features of "stroke it" with q-dir ?

Security Warning "This publisher could not be verified.
Can you put your publisher info into the executable so it runs without this warning in Vista Home Basic?

The two URLs at the bottom have only one slash,
therefore they don't work. Not much of a problem, but I thought you need to know. Thanks.

I don't really want to fool around with windows settings.
How do I enlarge the font? It's nice and big at home, but tiny at the office.

I have two or more pane views
I am using Vista! I keep running into an issue when opening Q-Dir. If I have two or more pane views from previous view, then I reopen Q-Dir sometime later I find that the bars/dividers that seperate each pane are all buched up in the upper left of the viewing area

Translate the FAQs into English???
I know your site is large, but could you please


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