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| 28th Nov 2008 |      


1. Is there quick way to restore the original windows size and position after the user changes the size of several windows, without starting a new instance of the program ?

Please tell me
the program name and version

Q-DIR vers 3.32

Please read this first:
How can I start with a favorite setting?
Q-Dir opens 4 times my computer, last setting is lost?
Where is the difference between favorites and Quick links?
OK ;) ! Regards Nenad

Normally, to get the last modified text file I would filter out other types, then arrange by date.

How about putting a drag and drop launch bar for favorite documents.
Clicking on the icon on the launch bar would open the document. You could get to your favorite item quicker. PowerDesk Pro does this and I use it all the time.

However what Q-dir lacks is a synchronization mechanism.
I've been looking into Q-dir and the program is fine. Untill now I used mainly SpeedCommander but the fact that Q-dir can open more windows then 2 is a nice improvement which often comes in quite handy.

I doubt others less determined than I am would have bothered.
You need to explain several features. If you would follow up on this and I will write you again telling you which settings most need some explanation.

The screen magnifier does not work on multi monitor desktop.
It works on the primary monitor but not on the secondary.

I've been puzzling the last two days how this Multi-INI feature is supposed to work.
I would like to save a configuration which starts in specific folders when I launch Q-Dir with this configuration.

Like swaping a directory
I would add only one thing to make it absolutely perfect. The ability to reposition the views. Like swaping a directory from one pane to another.

We need "folders stay on top" option.
Thanks for frequent updates. Q-dir got faster and faster. However I have a wish that could be important for many others.


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