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| 17th Dec 2008 |      


Is it too much of a problem to put a search function in the windows? Something that would allow me to search for xyzabc*.* and the window would display just the results of the directory search minus the other files/folder names?
If it already exists I am sorry for mentioning it but I haven't seen it yet. I am using the latest version of QDir.
Super program by the way. ))
Thanx again for your time

Currently "Q-Dir" used the Windows Search!
Search :
[CTRL+F] [F3] and [Alt + F3] selected item.
In the foreseeable future
I will put a search function in Q-Dir.

I think Font Viewer is a great program exactly what I was looking
for except would it be possible to add the ability to remove fonts from view to narrow your choices to few for comparison? This feature was in another program I replaced with yours.

Can save the worksplace for openning different folders,
For openning different folders, for example click Photo workplace, the program will open 4folder related to the photo for me

Password protected ftp
I am not able to get it to do so. This would be a wonderful addition. On my system the IE login dialog box comes up and I enter the data, but it is refused. If I go to windows explorer, the IE login dialog box comes up and I enter the data and it is accepted.

How to save settings with a portable install ?
Till now I used to install Q-Dir shortening the name and placing the exe in the right directory. But then, all my settings were lost and I had to choose them back. Does a portable install avoid this hassle ?

Can you add button which open DOS prompt with the current directory.
I'm developper and I need to open DOS prompt when I am in a specefic directory.

Both do not update zoom on secondary monitor
It stops repainting at the edge of the primary monitor, making for a nice effect in the zoom window :)

When displaying trees for the 4 views
When displaying trees for the 4 views , the trees doesn't react : Clicking on any of the 4 tree doesn't lead to the folders on the right side of the pane related to the trees. I went to your site and downloaded a former version : Q-Dir_Portable_Unicode.zip.

I would like to run Desktop in save mode from a DOS batch file.
I would like to run Desktop in save mode from a DOS batch file.


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