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| 17th Dec 2008 |      


You are right when you say 'Warning - once Q-Dir, always Q-Dir'. I like this program very much and it keeps getting better.

I haven't yet used the newest 3.431 version, so I don't know if these issues have been fixed: The tree and file panes don't refresh, and selecting 'refresh' from the menu doesn't work (I'm using Windows Vista). The only way to display accurate folder contents is to close and re-open all the tree and file panes, and this becomes very annoying.

I also hope you'll come out with a 'real' help system, or at least expand your current one (like you keep promising!). There seem to be many tricks and shortcuts that would be useful, and some obvious features are totally confusing, like 'Net-Info Search'.

I have no idea what the different menu selections mean and end up at the Suffolk web site no matter what search engine I add as the default. So please don't forget your promise about a better help system!

There are so many things I do like about your program, especially the color coding system. Colors really help navigate a large and complex system. It took a while to understand at first, but has since become easy. The QuickLink feature is very easy to understand and use, however, 'favorites' is still too complicated and I never use it.

I hope you'll consider translating some of your other programs into English, especially the system utilities. I use them anyway, even though I don't understand German. I'm sure there are others who would appreciate a more reliable method than 'guess and hope for the best'.

I'm using a localization program to translate the menus and screens into English and hope I'm not breaking any copyright rules. I haven't had much luck so far, but I'd be happy to share any successful outcomes with you.

Most importantly, thanks for your generosity in providing clever and valuable programs for such a great price, i.e., free!


B,,,,,, T,,,,,,,,
Oregon, USA

Sorry but my English is not so good!

OK ! The refresh problem i'll check

Because of the favorites

And because the other things I hope it's a wonder it;)

Net-Info Search: You can disable or :
add google search to the i-net feature?
here are a few examples:

Google EN=http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%s
Google DE=http://www.google.com/search?hl=de&q=%s

ps: will give my best

Leaves a registry key in HK Current User\Software\SoftwareOK.
As you mention, once I used Q-Dir, I cannot turn back. I am currently using version 3.431 and was going to upgrade to 3.45, but version 3.45

I haven't found a way yet to connect to remote FTP-servers from within Q-Dir.
I'm using your Q-Dir and I'm super happy with it. An interesting addition to me would be to incorporate the possibility to connect to FTP-sites within Q-Dir.

Its original view settings
I've used Window Washer, Ccleaner, and Revo Uninstaller, but it still won't reset back to its original state.

To correct the window of the quick link because it is not possible to order the links
In every window superior tongues for an express access to the wanted directory.Dragging a directory in the bar of the tongues is had to open the same directory (of the type cards navigation Firefox. Or of the type TotalCommander ). Is possible to personalize the bar of the tongues so that to the closing remains you memorize. All of this makes the immediate navigation (to see Total Commander to understand the philosophy)

There is a problem with multiple monitor handling.
As a result, if the primary monitor is the right monitor, the secondary monitor on the left will have a negative X coordinate. This causes the commands Left, Right, Middle to always move Q-Dir to the primary monitor if it is located on the secondary monitor.

Would it be possible to add 'Search' to Q-Dir
Would it be possible to add 'Search' to Q-Dir (for files, names of files/directories, content, &c.)?

File with no name , just extension like
I did it,in the attached archive file. Hav a nice day.

This great tool that makes my life better every day!
Q-Dir 3.16 is not able to open nor create shortcuts pointing to folders. OS: Windows XP Professional SP2


Quick-Link's :Remembered FontsRestore icon positions x64Print directory
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