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| 20th Dec 2008 |      


Hello. I would like Tree view to be active when I open Q-Dir. Is there a way to do this. If not it would be nice to do in some program update. I like your Q-Dir very much. Thank you for your work. jlarrym

Hello. Please disregard my prior e-mail about starting with tree view. It works now. I again thank you. jla......

ANSWER : OK ;) !

How does one disable the sounds in Q-Dir?
Menu>Extras>List-View>Click-Navigation Sound!

How can I change the font used in the program?
Is it possible to disable bolded text when a directory/file is selected?

I user quick-links with keyboard:
I user quick-links with keyboard: press ctl+q and then I press the first letter of the name of quick-link. For instance, if I have quick link named txt for folder d:\texts then I press ctrl+q and then t and it goes automatically there (if there's only 1 quick links with name starting on t). This works in 3.51 but crashes program in 3.63.

I haven't found a way yet to connect to remote FTP-servers from within Q-Dir.
I'm using your Q-Dir and I'm super happy with it. An interesting addition to me would be to incorporate the possibility to connect to FTP-sites within Q-Dir.

Definitely much better than MS-Explorer
My suggestions is on the rebar or the addres bar, to have the "cookie crumbs" feature, for example, having the full path be clickable, so one can click on any part of the path and go directly there.

Although I set Q-Dir not show hidden files and system files
It does show them and the large nuber in C:\Windows etc is a nuisance. I already have those options checked in Windows Explorer and it works fine there.

Then when I re-open it I have that issue. It seems however to do with the "Starting as" being "Last View".
Then when I re-open it I have that issue. It seems however to do with the "Starting as" being "Last View".

OneLoupe only works on one monitor.
Moving the loupe to the second monitor results in the window not drawing to itself.


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