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| 23th Dec 2008 |      


I love the Q-Dir as it help me a lot and it is really a program that I looking for a long time.
I have some question:
1. Can we have add-on for this program? If Yes, which language programing should be use?
2. Can you add function to copy full name (including path and name) of file that user is selecting to clipboard?
3. I see you have function to export all things in folder to text file, Can we only export selected files only?
4. Can I have mark folders so that I can get back to that folder as just a click on favourite menu?


Sorry for the delayed response.
To 1>Yes in Futur maybe JavaScripts
To 2>Yes I'll
To 3>Please use DirPrintOK or MeinPlatz is german but easy, in future I'll add in Q-Dir.
To 4>
pleas read this: http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=faq-Q-DIR&faq=12

Any way to show the tree list when the program start, this is possible ?
I think if you keep the application small and add little option like make the trees Autoexpand this will be perfect. (just my opinions)

I have both WinRar and WinZip installed on my computer.
While using Q-Dir, when I click on any .rar file, WinRar opens itself inside WinRar; However, when I click on .zip file, the zip folder opens itself inside Q-Dir instead of WinZip.

Not outsite the list of files or folders
Select a part of files or folders by draging so that the draging start within the list of files or folders, not outsite the list of files or folders

You say it is version 1.05 updated on 12/09/2008
But the zip downloaded contains version 1.03 dated from 04/08/2008

Would it be possible to add 'Search' to Q-Dir
Would it be possible to add 'Search' to Q-Dir (for files, names of files/directories, content, &c.)?

I need to access several dir at same time.
To make it even more easier to use, could you add a small feature to it: allow use alt+1/alt+2/. to select the favorite book marks?

Delete a folder using another program
I notice that if i delete a folder using another program and then try to update the tree view using either F5 or the menu to remove that now missing folder, the tree view does not update and still shows the missing folder but the folder column to the right of the tree view does update correctly (in explorer, the tree view does update automatically correctly). Is this by design and is there a way to change this behavior?

Could you please build in an option so that I can select 1,2 or 4 panels to display?
Perhaps I will send you a thank-you reward after 30 days if I still find your program as good as I do today.


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