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| 26th Dec 2008 |      


Dear Sir,

As you mention, once I used Q-Dir, I cannot turn back. I am currently using version 3.431 and was going to upgrade to 3.45, but version 3.45 leaves a registry key in HK Current User\Software\SoftwareOK.

My computer is:
WinXP Professional SP2
English version
IE 6.0
I use Firefox 3.1 Beta 2

Thank you again for this great piece of software.


Sorry for the delayed response.
I'll check and repar it!

Please don't be sorry. You are the one creating this program and I am just thankful that you have made it available to us. No rush. Thank you again.

No Problem!

I had screen divided into 3 logical sections.
What happened was that the 2 files (out of 3) I was copying got deleted but the directory I wanted deleted remained. The file that was actually in process of copying could not be deleted because the system said it was in use so I only lost two files.

When i press the button "New folder"
And there are files selected, the selected files remain selected and so, when i give a name to the newly created folder, all the selected files are renamed. it's not a good thing. I think that when i create a new folder, all the selected files must be unselected.

Just before closing
I tried to save a current situation with set at desktop item (*.qdr file). I would expect that from this item Q-dir wil open de maps as whey were active during the save. But testing it by saving a qdr-file, and then move to other maps in Q-dir, then close Q-dir, and reopen it by double-click on the just-saved Qdr-file on the desktop, Q-dir opens the last-used map, just before closing , and not the maps which were opened during the save of the qdr-file.

Also, is there a way to not display the top button bar with all the boxes?
When I resize the window the menu options (File, Edit, etc.) disappear. Is there a fix for this?

Fabulous arrangement and utilization of Windows Dir.however
I am having trouble dragging and dropping from one pane to the other. Sometimes it works one or two times and then I cannot pick up the dragged file from the original folder at all. I can highlight it, but it is stuck. If I go to the normal Windows Explorer, everything works. Also.in a pane, if there are two columns.one on the right of the pane and one on the left.and I highlight a file on the left, the entire column shifts to the right.is this normal?

Well done for this amazing program I am distributing to all my friends
- Add multitab(really useful ) - add new toolbar with drag and drop application ,folder .

The program don't keep in memory
I want to have 2 horizontal views, with a tree view for each windows, with view on D:\Documents for the the first, and E:\anotherdirectory for the second.

Open txt files inside the pane
Reason why I downloaded it (other than it being awesome) was cause I was hoping it could open txt files inside the pane , instead of opening with Notepad, like in Linux file managers.


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