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| 26th Dec 2008 |      


Hi I just download your program and like it very much.
So I decided to translate to Italian, but it seems that on the menu View only the first two items get translate to Italian and the rest stays in English.
Further more line 0110 is empty so I don't know what I'm suppose to translate.
I have finished my translation how do you want me to send it to you, or is there a way to include it on the program?
Thank you for sharing your program.
A,,,,, F,,,,,,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I have to click on the name bar to alphabetize the list
Is there anywhere in the options to have it start alphabetized?

What can I do to find again the features of "stroke it" with q-dir ?
I have enjoyed using your q-dir explorer tool since v 3.33. however, since I have installed the v 3.49 version, I can't use "stroke it" (a mouse gesture application) with it. And if I uninstall the last version to reinstall the v3.33 version, it's the same problem. What can I do to find again the features of "stroke it" with q-dir ?

Windows explorer shell.
I'm very pleased to use q-dir as a shell in my project Win7PE because it is the smallest, most reponsible and quickest. It would be very benefitial if it has own Startmenu, Taskbar+icon tray+date/time and desktop background image support. I would like to use it as main shell instead of Windows explorer shell.

I have both WinRar and WinZip installed on my computer.
While using Q-Dir, when I click on any .rar file, WinRar opens itself inside WinRar; However, when I click on .zip file, the zip folder opens itself inside Q-Dir instead of WinZip.

Although I set Q-Dir not show hidden files and system files
It does show them and the large nuber in C:\Windows etc is a nuisance. I already have those options checked in Windows Explorer and it works fine there.

Good for you. Microsoft should have done that a long time ago.
(1) Select files by size, date, extension, or name wildcard. (2) Make find/replace changes on the file names or file attributes for all selected files.

Settings including columns and colors
It seems it does not save my window position settings, but it does save my other settings including columns and colors . This wouldnt be a problem if the default window position was decent, instead of completely hidden off of my screen.

Change file listing colours depending on extension.
(1)The ability to link individual folder listing colours to a file extension colour. (2)The ability to change listing text size. (3)The ability to change file listing icons.


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