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| 30th Dec 2008 |      


Thank you for making this wonderful program!
I have some suggestions to make Q-Dir better.
First, Q-Dir shows hidden folders in the "Tree-View", even after I turned off the "Show hidden files & folders" option.
I think Q-Dir should hide them when the option is off, as Windows Explorer does.
In addition, it would be better if the "Show hidden files & folders" option can be toggled quickly with a hot key. I usually prefer not to see the hidden folders, but sometimes it is necessary to access them quickly and temporally. It is painful to bring up the option dialog and check it on and off every time. Actually there are some other file managers supporting that feature, and it is very convenient!
Lastly, it would be great if there is an option to remember the last working folder before Q-Dir exiting so that it starts from there next time. If the last working folder was on removable storage or deleted, then you can use the current start up screen.
Thank you for reading.

to>hidden files & folders
I'll add!
to>remember the last working
please read this:

To History please use Right-Click on GO-BACK-/FORWARD or UP To copy full path I will add!
Secondly, is a history function so you can see where you have been. I find that I work in the same folders a lot, so this function would be extremely useful. Thirdly is the ability for a right-click, or menu item, that will copy a files full path, directory path, or file name. I need this functionality all the time for work and it would be extremely useful. Thank you for reading my comments, and for an excellent explorer program. I hope you consider my suggestions for future versions. Thank you.

Have tried extracting it out of zip package again but it still opens with NO MENUS.
When I open Q-Dir each time, I see the Menu bar VERY BRIEFLY, then the whole window quickly jumps up a step to EXCLUDE the Menu bar. This all happens damn fast. Ugh!

Fast full view switching.
having folder tabs for the single folder view. there are times when I need to view as many files in a folder as possible, yet want to easily be able to drag and drop these files into another folder. I would love to have all 4 folders appear as tabs so I can drop the file onto the tab to copy it, of course this also means that I can reopen these folders with just a click for fast full view switching.

Found there was no way to recall the recent command
I just downloaded your ColorConsole 1.59 to my WINXP SP3, IE7. Found there was no way to recall the recent command like the normal command promt. Usually we use the UP ARROW key to recall the most recent command. It only allow to use the DOWN ARROW key but not recall the most recent command. It recalled it from the oldest one. Please let me know whether it's a bug or i missed something.

I doubt others less determined than I am would have bothered.
You need to explain several features. If you would follow up on this and I will write you again telling you which settings most need some explanation.

A syncronizing feature that would allow u to syncronize 2 folders.
With options like filtering if the files are equal or not equal or missing or different. I would use this feature to backup my documents folder for example. With the filter feature i would be able to see what files are different on my documents folder to say an external drives and nuke them and re back them up with the changes.

Batch renaming of files like total commander or nexus file.
Batch renaming of files like total commander or nexus file.

Most labels are in German.?? Other tab contents seem fine.
Most labels are in German.?? Other tab contents seem fine.


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