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| 1th Jan 2009 |      


How does one disable the sounds in Q-Dir?

Menu>Extras>List-View>Click-Navigation Sound!
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Was working fine until I tried copying large disk images files.
I was copying 3 x 4.4GB files from one disk partition to another (located on two hard drives), and each time copying starts normally with the progress bar, then it would freeze 1/3 way. I have to shut down the program, and the copied files were corrupt.

However what Q-dir lacks is a synchronization mechanism.
I've been looking into Q-dir and the program is fine. Untill now I used mainly SpeedCommander but the fact that Q-dir can open more windows then 2 is a nice improvement which often comes in quite handy.

When the user presses the Search
Using Explorer (or My Computer), the user can start typing the search string immediately after pressing the Search, F3, key. The typed string will appear in the

When i press the button "New folder"
And there are files selected, the selected files remain selected and so, when i give a name to the newly created folder, all the selected files are renamed. it's not a good thing. I think that when i create a new folder, all the selected files must be unselected.

I cannot get to the download page.
I suspect it is some setting on my computer rather than on your site. Can you suggest anything? I get this page is blocked or the site refused to open. Thanks.

I open 4 windows everyday but should locate the directory angain next time always.
It's really a big bother, i need the function as "open windows with last layout" thanks for any suggestion!

The file SIZE in BYTES
I'd like to express my gratitude especially for implementing a feature which I requested in my previous contact message, and that was the possibility to launch Q-Dir with a given path argument (i.e. C:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe D:\My Music\) which worked flawlessly for me so far.

Very nice.thank you for freeware.
One problem.I see nothing for "Preview".did I miss something?


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