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| 3th Jan 2009 |      


when i open Q-Dir i have to click on the name bar to alphabetize the list . is there anywhere in the options to have it start alphabetized?
J.... U.......d

Will try in the next version to integrate.

Could you put Folder Size in the Column?
So, showing Folder Size inside Q-Dir maybe a great idea then.

In order to see the change you need to force refresh F5.
When you try to drug a file, it just like you are not pressing the left mouse button. The file don't want to move. And if I do cut, I see it become transparent, when I press CTRL V, Nothing happened.

When displaying trees for the 4 views
When displaying trees for the 4 views , the trees doesn't react : Clicking on any of the 4 tree doesn't lead to the folders on the right side of the pane related to the trees. I went to your site and downloaded a former version : Q-Dir_Portable_Unicode.zip.

How do I set a color filter in Q-Dir for compressed and encrypted files?
This is when using the black theme. and adjusting the colors. It would be nice if the feature was like #en for encrypted and #cp for compressed, or something like that. Anyway, the colors for encrypted and compressed files seem to be the same as the * color

I open 4 windows everyday but should locate the directory angain next time always.
It's really a big bother, i need the function as "open windows with last layout" thanks for any suggestion!

How to save settings with a portable install ?
Till now I used to install Q-Dir shortening the name and placing the exe in the right directory. But then, all my settings were lost and I had to choose them back. Does a portable install avoid this hassle ?

Today I tried FontViewOK
It's a great tool but maybe you can change the background for the selected font in a lighter color, or reverse the foreground.

Specifically let the user chose what they want on the toolbar.
The favorites is a great option. If it could also save the pane settings (widths, sortorder etc) that would be great.


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