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| 4th Jan 2009 |      


Hi! You are tempting me to leave Total Commander after so many years and start using q-Dir :)
Well...if you just could somehow implement "TC mode" option of work...
If you can, you are absolute winer, because your approach is amazingly inovative and smart.
But I terrible need bigger fonts for files and directories (eyes problems), and I am used to have middle size icons in "Details" view...
Your implementation of Quick-Link is great, but as you know, tab using for favorites is also extremely useful...
I can see you use Explorer shell, so I don't know what are your limitations in this basic frame.

I definitely look forward for your solutions in new versions of Q-Dir!
Than you for your great work!

from Slovenia

You flatter me.

My goal is not to displace Total-Commander!

For example, I use all 3 browser: MS-IE, Firefox and Opera
Depending on the mood!

Many people with visual impairments use the system-wide increase of the font,
what makes more sense.

Q-Dir used the System Preferences.

Option to turn off auto-focus in listview when mouse hovers over window.
Otherwise when moving mouse out of the way, hotkeys act on wrong pane.

Password protected ftp
I notice that Q-Dir won't do password protected ftp , or I am not able to get it to do so. This would be a wonderful addition. On my system the IE login dialog box comes up and I enter the data, but it is refused. If I go to windows explorer, the IE login dialog box comes up and I enter the data and it is accepted.

I click on a folder that contains music
Also can the delete button be relocated to the top and work every time? Many times I click on the delete button and it just ignores me. It should work just liked the delete button on the custom toolbar in XP (before they removed it in Vista)

Is it possible to execute a batch or a script with the file selected in argument ?
I want to put a command line in execute function like (copy a file in a folder where my windows is) CopyPRMVBS=%windir%cmd.exe /c "copy C:\prm\prm.vbs ." Is that possible ?

How do you change the fonts for the tree-view and the list-view?
Thank you for responding to my email. I read the FAQ before I emailed you asking my questions. The FAQ does not address my question. Right now in the tree-view the font is aerial, while in the list-view the font is tahoma. I would like both the tree-view and the list-view to be the same font - tahoma. How can I do this?

While copying one file, it is not possible to copy another file at the same time,
Unlike Windows Explorer which allows you to multitask within the program. If would be good if Q-Dir could also have internal multitasking.

I can't find where it is stored
Accidentally close the program, instead of minimizing it, I can't find where it is stored on my computer, to again restart it, and I have to download it from your website, all over again.

I think this app could use a good renaming feature!
Similar too Ant Renamer, Metamorphose file renamer, WildRename, and WildReplace. I use features of each one, just wish their was one that combined it all.


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