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| 5th Jan 2009 |      


I am trying out Q-Dir on my Vista x64 Home Premium. Was working fine until I tried copying large disk images files.

I was copying 3 x 4.4GB files from one disk partition to another (located on two hard drives), and each time copying starts normally with the progress bar, then it would freeze 1/3 way. I have to shut down the program, and the copied files were corrupt.

Doing the same copy process using Windows Explorer was fine.

OS: Vista Home Premium x64
Service Pack 1
Installed Internet Explorer
Q-Dir 3.47


OK ! I will test it!

About the auto-focus bit when mouse hovers other listview which I mentioned before.
This results from my explorer being set to web mode (single click runs program, hover selects) It is therefor not so a bug in Q-Dir. Apologies if I made this impression/mistake.

I currently use TortoiseSVN
And that changes the files/directory icons if files have modifications etc. When I view these in UltraExplorer the icon shows the TortoiseSVN icon. In Q-Dir it does not.

I must be switch other DIR screen to recover
I click some directory and press (F5) to reflash my screen, and the screen bocome to WHITE and i saw ICON but dont icon names

How do I telnet "telnet" does not work
How can I invoke external commands which are not present in color console

Since I use a docking station for my ACER travelmate 6292,
I need really your product, because every time I swap the display to eternal monitor, I loose all my tiringly ordered icons.

I am using Q-dir as default file manager(Setting "*Q-Dir" as default action for file folders).
I prefer to use "listview" for folders and "1-dir". When I choose "starting as" -> "use last view", then it is okay. But when I choose "starting as" -> "1-Dir", then when I double-click on a folder to open, it starts with "detailed view". Is there a way to make q-dir start with "list view", without using a desktop shortcut(xxx.qdr)?

Active in Micro Soft Office all equipments
Group of Fonts that i can make it active in Micro Soft Office all equipments , in Extract WinZip.

Thumbnails support XYplorer's unique and famous Mouse Down Blow Up functionality."
I mentioned earlier about a preview pane for each dir view instead of a single one via the One for all tree view. What would also be good instead is when mousing over an image,


Quick-Link's :Folder-ShortcutsVista address barFTP directoryforce move or copy
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