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| 5th Jan 2009 |      


- add more windows. Up it to 8 windows (max)
- change default view to "List" not "Detail".
- add more essential optional tools at main menu bar (File, Edit, etc). Perfecting it like on FreeCommander (freecommander.com)
- add FTP function also.

That's it for now. Thanks!

Sorry, i forgot to mention it at first. Ok, here are my detail Q-Dir 3.47 Windows XP Pro SP3, IE 6.0

I will do my best ;)

The directory size
How do I enable the "Optional display of the directory size and directory content in the status bar"?

Search the first folder when I have no select.
When I change the directory to "C:\Program Files" with Q-Dir ,then I click the blank area(in order to let the Q-Dir don't select any folder), and i click the key CTRL+F the search window appears,but the search path is not the "C:\Program Files" but the "C:\Program Files\ComPlus Applications".I know I can use F3 ,but I feel it is unreasonable that the Q-Dir search the first folder when I have no select. I hope you can give consideration.

I use currently supercopier2.
I use currently supercopier2. it works normaly from an explorer windo to the another. Could it be possible to use it in qdir

In order to see the change you need to force refresh F5.
When you try to drug a file, it just like you are not pressing the left mouse button. The file don't want to move. And if I do cut, I see it become transparent, when I press CTRL V, Nothing happened.

I'd like to disable the internal archive support, since I prefer using 7-Zip. Is is possible ?
I'd like to disable the internal archive support, since I prefer using 7-Zip. Is is possible ?

Can save the worksplace for openning different folders,
For openning different folders, for example click Photo workplace, the program will open 4folder related to the photo for me

There needs to be some documentation on the use of the color filters
I tried your new program today. It looks very nice. A few things I have noticed thus far and a comment or two. 1. If I delete one or more files (select files and then press DEL key). The program minimizes after deleting the files.

To open from last window position.
To open from last window position.


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