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| 2th Jan 2009 |      


I have some ideas about hotkey.
Use hotkey to switch active panel. For example, user can switch panel by Ctrl + 1~4.
F4 for address bar is good, but how about Alt+D? In Windows explorer and many web browsers, they use Alt+D to focus on address bar.
Besides, when press this hotkey first time, user can edit the address bar; when press this hotkey second time, the drop down menu appears.
Besides, there is also a suggestion about filter.
Could you add an option called "find as type"? By active this option, filter works immediately when enter search pattern. (That is, user doesn't have to press Enter to see the result.)

To 1 + 2 I'll add !
also the favorit-filter !

Change default view to "List" not "Detail".
Add more essential optional tools at main menu bar (File, Edit, etc). Perfecting it like on FreeCommander (freecommander.com) - add FTP function also.

We could save our favorite FTP sites (our Web sites for instance) in Q-Dir and manage them directly.
I have a suggestion. It would be great if a panel could be a FTP session, so we could transfer files from and to the other panels very easily, just as we do with local files/folders/drives.

View list choice
Can the view list choice be made the default, instead of details in Q-Dir 3.71?

What can I do to find again the features of "stroke it" with q-dir ?
I have enjoyed using your q-dir explorer tool since v 3.33. however, since I have installed the v 3.49 version, I can't use "stroke it" (a mouse gesture application) with it. And if I uninstall the last version to reinstall the v3.33 version, it's the same problem. What can I do to find again the features of "stroke it" with q-dir ?

Default file handler instead of explorer, so that it would take over when you doubleclick on a folder or choose Explore from a (rightclick) menu.
However I'm having a little problem these last few days: when I start it up in 4-window layout I only see one window; the other three are hidden and I have to resize all four in order to make all four visible.

In Windows XP and in Vista deleting a shortcut should NOT delete
Yesterday he could not access his Pictures folder that contained several subfolders using Q-Dir or using Windows Explorer. When he deleted a shortcut (link) to Pictures folder which was in his Documents folder using Q-Dir, the following were deleted:

Is it possible to have the double click on a .rar file
If I double click on a .zip file, I can see what is inside like in a map, but if I double click on a .rar file, winrar starts. Is it possible to have the double click on a .rar file work the same as on a .zip file?

Q-Dir takes a long time to delete a file.
No matter what size the file is, Q-Dir takes about 20~30 seconds to delete a file.


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