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| 6th Jan 2009 |      



I think that I found an issue with QDir 3.47 (and previous versions).

In the address bar the path disapeared.

Just to select another panel and the path of each panel goes away.

Windows 2000 SP4
IE 6.0

Thanks for this great program.

I'll check this!

The folder tree any other folders open
A picture showing and explaining is at the address below.

Can you save view for each folder independently
So every time I open "downloads" its automatically sorted by date but when I go to another folder such as program files its automatically sorted by name? Explorer saves view options for each folder but almost no substitute program seems to do it effectively. Would also be nice to have it replace / integrate explorer automatically for any time I click on a drive. Thanks. Nice little program otherwise.

I'm using 1900x1200 resolution
I'm using 1900x1200 resolution in my monitor, the Q-Dir default UI font size display too small, Can I change the font size?

Suddenly forget layout of it and alway use the default 4 panes
When it starts.I try almost everything(such as 'starting as--use last view/or reinstalled with newest version you just released) but failed.Is this a bug or I do something wrong caused the problem of losing layout ?

I select in my 3 windows the 3 directories that I use all the time,
And checked Q-Dir always. With Current window position, and every time I reopen Q-Dir I get the default directory in the 3 windows back - is that normal?

How can I change the font used in the program?
Is it possible to disable bolded text when a directory/file is selected?

Very long long list of File Manager replacements
After a very long long list of File Manager replacements , I feel yours is approaching to be the best so far. You have beaten: Powerdesk, Ultraeplorer, ExplorerXP, A43 and many many others.

This great minimalistic explorer alternative.
I love that it's so lightweight and doesn't have all those unnecessary features.


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