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| 11th Jan 2009 |      


Option to turn off auto-focus in listview when mouse hovers over window. Otherwise when moving mouse out of the way, hotkeys act on wrong pane.


thank you for responding.
I have seen this option, but as I said, I have my standard Explorer
configured the same as my web browser, so I only need to click once to run a
This is normally not a problem, and I am also too used to this behavior to
turn it off globally.

///////////// main problem factor ///////////////////
This feature however causes a 'problem' in only one situation in Q-Dir and
that is when using a One4all Treeview.

In this configuration hover always activates the panes my mouse crosses over
when I want to select a different folder in the treeview, no matter what I
do with the mousewheeel focus setting. I assume that this setting is the
same as the OS setting, but only effective in Q-Dir, so de-activating the
setting does nothing for me as the system is already configured to do so

So, if I understood you correctly, on a system which requires double-click
to run a program, activating this setting in Q-Dir does locally for Q-Dir
what the same setting in Explorer does.

If this is true, then to be a complete and consistent feature, turning off
the setting Q-Dir should also disable the effect of the same Explorer
feature (but only within Q-Dir). If this is what is supposed to happen, then
I can only say it is not working on my system.

Hopefully I have been able to explain the circumstances in which this is
problematic. If things are still not clear, do not hesitate to ask for more

PS. I assume you are using a template for email replies :)

Don't ever feel the need to apologize to me for delayed responses ;-)

The fact you do respond weighs much more in my book than the speed with
which the response occurs. A lot of times developers don't even respond at


Your think form the addressbar?

Like "Desktop" & "Computer" Tool-Bar button ?
In the panel's icon bar - a button with a drop-down list with enumerated names of computers in the local network.

I have two or more pane views
I am using Vista! I keep running into an issue when opening Q-Dir. If I have two or more pane views from previous view, then I reopen Q-Dir sometime later I find that the bars/dividers that seperate each pane are all buched up in the upper left of the viewing area

Settings including columns and colors
It seems it does not save my window position settings, but it does save my other settings including columns and colors . This wouldnt be a problem if the default window position was decent, instead of completely hidden off of my screen.

Congratulations for the great Q-Dir!!!
Can the translation be present in a future version of the program?

I haven't found a way yet to connect to remote FTP-servers from within Q-Dir.
I'm using your Q-Dir and I'm super happy with it. An interesting addition to me would be to incorporate the possibility to connect to FTP-sites within Q-Dir.

I have both WinRar and WinZip installed on my computer.
While using Q-Dir, when I click on any .rar file, WinRar opens itself inside WinRar; However, when I click on .zip file, the zip folder opens itself inside Q-Dir instead of WinZip.

Fully integrate qdir into windows,
I would love to see the ability to fully integrate qdir into windows, so instead of using windows explorer it opens qdir

I use teracopy allot for copying / moving
I would love to see a good implementation of this feature.


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