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| 13th Jan 2009 |      


Q-Dir 3.45 Windows XP-Pro Sp2, IE 6.0

Creation of a new folder directly in a file/folder list and inputting its name there, then pressing ENTER to confirm: the ENTER key does not work.

But the program is excellent!

thanks i'll repair

It is only advice to improve qdir.
File or Folder search, Web browser, Reg Editor and File Renamer are very small and quite useful as well.

I cannot manage to drag and drop
One question: I cannot manage to drag and drop between the differtent windows of Q-dir, like in the ordinairy explorer of windows.

I had previously mentioned refresh error in tree
To which you already responded. I also notice that when a directory is deleted and then you hit the back button to return to that deleted directory you get an error message. The behavior in Explorer is much friendlier. It will return you to the adjacent existing directory. Most times you know you deleted the directory and just want to get back to that part of the directory tree (the reason for hitting back).

I user quick-links with keyboard:
I user quick-links with keyboard: press ctl+q and then I press the first letter of the name of quick-link. For instance, if I have quick link named txt for folder d:\texts then I press ctrl+q and then t and it goes automatically there (if there's only 1 quick links with name starting on t). This works in 3.51 but crashes program in 3.63.

You say it is version 1.05 updated on 12/09/2008
But the zip downloaded contains version 1.03 dated from 04/08/2008

This weekend I had the ugly project of sorting out hundreds of files
And then I discovered the icing on the cake.I needed to print out file lists and thought I'd have to go through the usual gymnastics of using yet another program to sort and export and then I discovered that Q-DIR does it completely painlessly with a single command.

No matter are disposed icon on desktop,
When I try to restore a layout saved before, icons return back at original status, different of any one saved.

Startup folders for each quadrant selectable via the options menu.
Startup folders for each quadrant selectable via the options menu.


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