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| 14th Jan 2009 |      


i would love an option so that if you clicked on the + in the folder tree any other folders open in the folder tree would collapse except the one you are working in.

a picture showing and explaining is at the address below.


ik zou van een optie houden zodat als u op + in de omslagboom klikte een andere omslagen open in omslag de boom behalve zou doen ineenstorten u in werkt. een en beeld dat is op het hieronder vermelde adres toont verklaart.


Ist this not:
MENU > Extras > Tree-View > single - expand

I notice that "Invert Selection" is missing from the EDIT menu.
When you have time is it possible to include this item in the MENU, please? Many lazy Americans rely on the mouse(pointer) for most operations. It is inconvenient that "Invert Selection" is missing from the menu (only in keyboard action). We would be so grateful if you would add "Invert Selection" to the menu.

If I install Adobe Acrobat 7.0,
I know it is possible to have this feature in Windows Explorer if I install Adobe Acrobat 7.0, but that program is very slow uses a lot of resources.

In the registry, program data, appdata etc, or am I going blind?
Sorry for the false alarm. don't really know what happened but it started working. no, not because of a reboot, which I did many times. something else corrected the problem

Like swaping a directory
I would add only one thing to make it absolutely perfect. The ability to reposition the views. Like swaping a directory from one pane to another.

Q-Dir is not showing Overlay-icons for Source control tools
by example TortoisCVS and TortoiseSVN. Is there a way (or option that I didn't find yet) to have these overlays shown, and still use the color enhancements Q-Dir shows by default?

However what Q-dir lacks is a synchronization mechanism.
I've been looking into Q-dir and the program is fine. Untill now I used mainly SpeedCommander but the fact that Q-dir can open more windows then 2 is a nice improvement which often comes in quite handy.

This is what keeps me using xplore32.
This string would be the app and its args that would open any file, independent of file type.

Double-click on the space to return to the higher level directory.
Double-click on the space to return to the higher level directory.


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