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| 14th Jan 2009 |      


Using Portable Installation
Tested on SP2 and SP3
The Color Filter Import does not seem to work. I have a color filter setup from an previous version(3.47)as Q-Dir_color.ini and it does not seem to import in at all.
If you would like to see my color filter .ini file just send me a message and i wil E-mail it to you.

Thanks for the tip.
support2006 (o) softwareok.de

Every time I opened Q-Dir, it is showing me 4 panes of the drives, C:, D:, E:, F:, etc.
Is there a way to start it so that it begins with the folders I opened the last time?

I miss comapred to products like directory opus.
Is there already an option (or maybe in the future) that can be used to calculate the size of each folder in a certain pane? That would be a great feature which is one of the few functions I miss comapred to products like directory opus.

Folder sizes would be a nice.
I work on it! I work at optimisation for slow HD/PC ;)

Cannot access folders on my QNAP NAS
Updated to Q-Dir v3.67 from v3.51. Note that v3.67 cannot access folders on my QNAP NAS . v3.51 had no problem to do this. So I have reverted back to v3.51. You may want to investigate this networking issue.

Also, is there a way to not display the top button bar with all the boxes?
When I resize the window the menu options (File, Edit, etc.) disappear. Is there a fix for this?

Any possibility to show this highlight of the folder ? (Just like in Windows Explorer)
I just noticed that when I want to move some files from a file pane into a folder tree pane at its left (often moving some files a level up), the folder doesn't highlight under the mouse cursor to show its selection before I drop the files in it. But the files are well moved.

Color filter do not works good.
Only strike-out is true. bold or not did not worked, italic works reverse. And a suggestion: ini file must be in same folder for portable use. Why in Windows folder?

Is there an option to turn on auto refresh.
Example when you create a new directory it automatically shows the new dir, instead of having to refresh.


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