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| 2th Jan 2009 |      


Ive tried Q-dir for abt a month now and I use Win SP3 IE7.0, cant really say what version of Q-dir it was since I didnt check before uninstalling it and now I will not install it again. Anyway the zip-file was downloaded nov 25 2008.

My comments:

1. Copying or moving files from any dir locks that dir, blocking all other activity.

2. When creating new subdirs the main dir (in left window) doesnt update not even when you open it.

3. When moving or copying it just hangs for a while after finish.

4. When you erase a folder you get an error message saying that that folder doesnt exist anymore. Rather than just move to an existing folder.

5. Finally I decided to uninstall Q-dir (ticked for remove the settings) on the two comps that I had it on and after that Windows Explorer started to behave very strange, crashed and took for ages to move files etc. I cant tell for sure that this had something to do with Q-dir but Im relatively sure it did since the same problem occured on two computers after uninstallation.
I had to restore my drives from the last backup to get rid of the problem.

So what can I say, I will not install Q-dir again, unless I have a clear statement that these bugs are fixed.

However I must say, I really liked Q-dir when it worked, it was a very good alternative to explorer. So please keep working on it.

Happy New Year!
Sorry !
Q-dir is Downloaded thousands of times
Such problems
There are no known
Test your system please
Perhaps, and with Q-Dir 3.45
Regards Nenad

I also suggest incorporating everything search found
I like qdir very much, but it lacks several features found in other file managers, one is the search function,

Please find attached 2 interface issues.
1. Bad URL 2. Spelling "Relative Path"

One-click way to immediately
Unless some people change languages very frequently, you might consider simplifying the "File" menu by putting all the language flags in a submenu. I suppose you have a reason for not having language selections in the Options pane.

This weekend I had the ugly project of sorting out hundreds of files
And then I discovered the icing on the cake.I needed to print out file lists and thought I'd have to go through the usual gymnastics of using yet another program to sort and export and then I discovered that Q-DIR does it completely painlessly with a single command.

I need to access several dir at same time.
To make it even more easier to use, could you add a small feature to it: allow use alt+1/alt+2/. to select the favorite book marks?

Since I use a docking station for my ACER travelmate 6292,
I need really your product, because every time I swap the display to eternal monitor, I loose all my tiringly ordered icons.

I had previously mentioned refresh error in tree
To which you already responded. I also notice that when a directory is deleted and then you hit the back button to return to that deleted directory you get an error message. The behavior in Explorer is much friendlier. It will return you to the adjacent existing directory. Most times you know you deleted the directory and just want to get back to that part of the directory tree (the reason for hitting back).

May I translate the UI Language to Chinese?
May I translate the UI Language to Chinese?


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