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| 16th Jan 2009 |      



context menu's is where I am missing things I do have in Explorer.

I have a couple of utilities or extensions which should add functionality to the treeview and the listview and commands to the context menu's

one such extension is NTFS Link, which adds an option to create/manage junctions and hardlinks on XP. It also adds overlay icons to indicate a folder is a junction or a file is a hardlink. The context menu part works fine, and in the listview these overlays always show, no problems here.

However, in the tree-views they do not. (both the 1-4all and 'all have one' modes), making it impossible to see which folders are junction points.

This is the mildest form of functionality loss compared to Explorer.

I also have a similar, slight more severe problem with another extension.

I am running a SubVersion server and I use TortoiseSVN to manage the repositories on the server. It too adds functionality to the Explorer views, it also uses overlay icons just like the NTFS Link utility.

However, Q-Dir completely does not show any of the TortoiseSVN added explorer commands and overlay icons. It is as if it is completely unaware of TortoiseSVN.


Thanks for the tip 3x.

I will change in future!

Is it possible to open programs in the quadrants?
I would like to be able to open a web browser in one and text editor in the others to allow students to gather web info easily.

One-click way to immediately
Unless some people change languages very frequently, you might consider simplifying the "File" menu by putting all the language flags in a submenu. I suppose you have a reason for not having language selections in the Options pane.

After copying files from one directory to another,
Oh, and one other thing. After copying files from one directory to another, the files show at the end of the list. The window should automatically refresh and resort the files.

Before getting into the
I have came accross some few bugs while using Q-Dir and hopefully you can help sorting things out. Please find here below a detailed description of the case.

We could save our favorite FTP sites (our Web sites for instance) in Q-Dir and manage them directly.
I have a suggestion. It would be great if a panel could be a FTP session, so we could transfer files from and to the other panels very easily, just as we do with local files/folders/drives.

The ?Copy & Paste(Function)? seem has the same problem in Q-Dir.
I think this bug has been a long time and still not eliminate it. When I use Q-Dir for a period, the ?DRAG(Function)? will not act any more in the Q-Dir.

I noticed when switching to English language
In the tooltip for refresh in the treeeview (it says "Actualisieren" instead of "Refresh"). 2. At the bottom of the 'View' menu.

Ich kann das nicht auf Deutsch erklaeren, also muss ich alles auf Englisch schreiben.
The mouse is a Logitech VX Revolution; I have tried to alter the settings of the mouse with the software that came with it (I added Q-Dir to the list of programs that the buttons are used for) but that did not work, either.


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