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| 17th Jan 2009 |      


How do I enlarge the font? It's nice and big at home, but tiny at the office.





Read This First !

I don't really want to fool around with windows settings.

On question #8, to change the details, you say to choose "details" under the view menu.
It's not there !!

In details-view header r-mouse click!

"My place" is one great software !
Thank you for making the english version. I'm using it now and I will use it as often as I need it.

List of the command-line arguments
Is there somewhere a list of the command-line arguments for Q-Dir?? I can't figure out how to make it work right, it always opens with four windows, detail mode, in wrong directory - all these are wrong. How do I tell it to work like I want it to?

Allow quick changedir by making clickable single parts of path in address bar.
Wonderful, compact program ! Improvement idea: allow quick changedir by making clickable single parts of path in address bar. Example: path "D:\Fra\RAM_key\IN", when clicking "Fra" Qdir immediately goes to D:\Fra

Replaced every other file manager
I love your file manager Q-Dir, it's replaced every other file manager I have ever used, and it would be perfect if I could disable the click sound it makes on navigation

On the other (main) monitor it works fine:
On the other (main) monitor it works fine: it magnifies any part of the screen. Moving the mouse to the second screen, it shows the magnified mainscreen part on the secondary screen. So it does not switch to the second screen.

Search the first folder when I have no select.
When I change the directory to "C:\Program Files" with Q-Dir ,then I click the blank area(in order to let the Q-Dir don't select any folder), and i click the key CTRL+F the search window appears,but the search path is not the "C:\Program Files" but the "C:\Program Files\ComPlus Applications".I know I can use F3 ,but I feel it is unreasonable that the Q-Dir search the first folder when I have no select. I hope you can give consideration.

This is a restricted location not write accessible to non-privileged users.
Configuration parameters should be written to the locations defined by either "AppData" or "Local AppData" in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders] to ensure they are writeable & personal to each user.

When I execute Q-Dir 3.251, Microsoft Windows gives me a Security Warning.
Notes in the dialog indicate there is no valid digital signature verifying your company. Will there be a new software release to fix this problem?


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