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| 18th Jan 2009 |      



I've been puzzling the last two days how this Multi-INI feature is supposed to work.

I would like to save a configuration which starts in specific folders when I launch Q-Dir with this configuration.

I Create a couple of .qdr files but they don't create separate ini files. I tried passing the ini on the command line but it got ignored. (or did not have the desired effect.)

So, how do I go about it if I want to create some shortcuts to launch Q-Dir in a specific layout (this part I need to be using the .qdr file for I guess)
but also in a specific set of folders (I suspect this is controled by the ini file, but as I said, how do I tell Q-Dir to use another ini file?

Thanks for reading

PS. I see you don't have a Dutch translation yet...consider it in progress ;-)

Thanks for the tip.
Because what I will adapt and change

There is a problem with multiple monitor handling.
As a result, if the primary monitor is the right monitor, the secondary monitor on the left will have a negative X coordinate. This causes the commands Left, Right, Middle to always move Q-Dir to the primary monitor if it is located on the secondary monitor.

Like XYplorer , xplorer2, total commander, QTtabbar etc.
XYplorer - it works excellent in terms of directory loading for network driver.The bottom bar of xy plorer is great with many useful feature. but again multi tab interface is what we do not want

Preview pane support other file formats like .pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.
Wonderful little Explorer alternative. Great functionality. Thanks! Would love to see the preview pane support other file formats like .pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.

I do not find thumbnail icon
And method prescribed by you to open jpg files do not work. If I click the jpg photo, the windows picture manager and so opens. I am I doing something wrong?

Drag&drop files(or folders) dos't work from network driver to local
Q-Dir 3.59 Windows - XP-Pro / SP2 / IE6.0 I open Q-Dir in 2-Dir mode(Tile Vertically),in the left Dir i open a network driver(\\\share\aa),then i open C driver(local computer) in the right Dir,when i drag some files or folders from the left Dir(network driver) to right Dir(local) the Q-Dir dos't work.

The Quick links are a very hanfy feature
In the past i used to use Dirkey with provided keyboard shortcuts to open Explorer in a specifick folder. So my suggestion is to make it possible to asign a keystroke to a

I've been using Salamander 1.42 for a long time
One feature that I was not able to locate is the possibility to have the program start always with the same directories in the panels. In my case for example I need C:\ and M:\ (a network drive) to be there every time I start QDir.

How do I use quicklinks to folders? I can't see how to set this up.
Is there a way to have q-dir always start with the predefined folders in the four panes (i.e. whenever I open it, I want to say one pane with mydocs, one with folder a, one woth b, and one with c).


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