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| 21th Jan 2009 |      


I use a Dell 1720 with Dual Centrino,1920x1200 display. I have just found your site.
Your program is one of two from eight which WORK properly for me.
I wonder if you would consider adding it to the context menu as the sys tray is easily cluttered and easily deleted.

I use Q-Dir as well.
My congratulations on excellent utilities.

Thanks for the tip.
You meen in the file context menu of Q-Dir

Add a keyboard shortcut or icon to maximize the current working directory.
Strengthen the functionality of "Export." Q-dir can export the files and folders information, but It couldn't export the file information for the files in a sub folder.

You could create a special column with the selected folder size
You could create a special column with the selected folder size in detail view mode. I could also create other special columns like files inside selected folder and subfolders inside selected folder.

Do you have planified a French translation of Gui
Do you have planified a French translation of Gui

I must be switch other DIR screen to recover
I click some directory and press (F5) to reflash my screen, and the screen bocome to WHITE and i saw ICON but dont icon names

Suddenly forget layout of it and alway use the default 4 panes
When it starts.I try almost everything(such as 'starting as--use last view/or reinstalled with newest version you just released) but failed.Is this a bug or I do something wrong caused the problem of losing layout ?

I have two or more pane views
I am using Vista! I keep running into an issue when opening Q-Dir. If I have two or more pane views from previous view, then I reopen Q-Dir sometime later I find that the bars/dividers that seperate each pane are all buched up in the upper left of the viewing area

Translate the FAQs into English???
I know your site is large, but could you please

However the default bold font is killing my eyes!
I can't use the app for more than 10 minutes before it feels as though my eyes are going to bleed. I can't seem to find any areas to change or adjust the font. is there no option for that? Thank you!


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