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| 2th Jan 2009 |      


I have been using Q-dir for some months. I like it and I even wrote a post about it in a technical blog.

1/ BUT I have problems with the renaming function. When I rename a file or a folder, I have difficulties to validate the modification. So I click on "Enter". And doing so, the cursor goes on the following line. Then begins the problem. For if the folder/file is well renamed with "newname", the item on the following line is also renames with a "newname(2)". I lost a lot of files and folders because of this problem an for some of them, Inever was able to find them again.
I have been hearing of several persons with the same problem.

2/An other problem caused also lost of files and folders : when using the function cut and paste, it happened several times that the function paste did not work. But the function "cut" had already worked. So my files and folders disapeared i don't know where.

Despite all this annoying dysfunctionnements, I really like your software and can volunteer to to some translation towards french, if you give me the instructions.

Best regards

K...... C......-B.........

Nota : I use Q-dir either with Vista, IE8 beta being installed or with windows XP-SP3, IE7 being installed

I'll check this
Happy New Year 2009
Then Kick me again!

How to you get the tree for each windows to load by default?
I can't seem to make it happen?

I encountered one problem: I cannot open a document (e.g. a Word document) from a web folder by double clicking on it.
I do al lot of testing, so I prefer to adapt to the standards of my academy, wich unfortunally is IE6. That's why upgrading to IE7 is not my fist choice.

I do not find thumbnail icon
And method prescribed by you to open jpg files do not work. If I click the jpg photo, the windows picture manager and so opens. I am I doing something wrong?

We could save our favorite FTP sites (our Web sites for instance) in Q-Dir and manage them directly.
I have a suggestion. It would be great if a panel could be a FTP session, so we could transfer files from and to the other panels very easily, just as we do with local files/folders/drives.

I was using Shellfree Exploter until I ran across Q-Dir.
It is a very good explorer replacement, & I have not used it much. I work with a lot of files on a daily basis, & having the ones I use most open with 1 click is very helpful. The preview panel is also a great feature. When I find a job I plan to send you some $$$$ to help you out.

Is it possible to set more than 4 windows with your program?
I need a tool to distribute emails into 6-10 explorer folders - so I would love to have 6-10 windows for dropping the emails directly into the appropriate folder.

After PowerDesk, FreeCommander and many other file managers
It is versatile and user friendly. And it is looking good. Fun to work with. A great help to fight chaos in an ever growing and complex file system. Recommended

Just tried it today and find it very easy to sue.
But could you tell me if there is a way to display the menus in English please? Bearbeiten, etc.?


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