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| 25th Jan 2009 |      


Q-Dir/OS: Q-Dir-3.51/Windows-XP-Pro.SP3.IE70

Request :
A: add this function into q-dir:

- Copy Full Name as Text (Alt+Ins)
*the result:
[n]:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe
[n]:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir_Uninstall.ini
[n]:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Uninstall Q-Dir.lnk

- Copy Name as Text (Shift+Alt+Ins)
*the result:
Uninstall Q-Dir.lnk

- Copy Full Path as Text (Ctrl+Alt+Ins)
*the result:
C:\Program Files\Q-Dir

Reason for:
A: This function become essential when the user want to get detail of each of their files position to report it for their troubleshooting to administrator or to people who charged or for other reasons conditioned to their own needs.

Will try in one of the next version to integrate.

Please test:
DirPrintOK or MeinPlatz
Is german i must translate ;)

OK I already got DirPrintOK and MeinPlatz.
And already tested it on 'print' function.

Here is my new requests (if possible to fullfil):
1. Language:..... English, man.... english...... the international language....., other language for now to be secondary or optional
2. I will slice a page in to 3 parts: <header>, <body>, <foot>.

OK! I Will do!

Sorry for my late replay.....

i already visited your website at softwareok.de..... and look promised..... your website interface now look better than before but the content seem confusing for me....

and...... because your interested visitor come over the world- and also your brief description is simple; i suggest you to put the website in two language..... your original language and english language. The default language - for a moment- all are up-to-you.


Stay on softwareok.com for english.
Stay on softwareok.de for german.

I will make better!
Regards Nenad!

hehehe...... SPIIIIIRIIIIITTTTT!!!! .... hehehe.... this is good news for me..... yeah!

When you work in a network and there is folder
Where you don't have access rigths if you try to open this folder with Q-DIR it crashes.

Settings including columns and colors
It seems it does not save my window position settings, but it does save my other settings including columns and colors . This wouldnt be a problem if the default window position was decent, instead of completely hidden off of my screen.

("accwiz.exe" if you can't find it on your start menu).
I wish Q-Dir used the same text size as in windows explorer.

Delete a folder using another program
I notice that if i delete a folder using another program and then try to update the tree view using either F5 or the menu to remove that now missing folder, the tree view does not update and still shows the missing folder but the folder column to the right of the tree view does update correctly (in explorer, the tree view does update automatically correctly). Is this by design and is there a way to change this behavior?

Its original view settings
I've used Window Washer, Ccleaner, and Revo Uninstaller, but it still won't reset back to its original state.

Not outsite the list of files or folders
Select a part of files or folders by draging so that the draging start within the list of files or folders, not outsite the list of files or folders

I think you are going the right way with Q-Dir but there is always room for improvements.
-refresh button -red color for delete icon -shortcuts for quick view and quick edit configurable for external programs -copy and move shortcuts from active to inactive panel (horizontal or vertical)

Always asks me do I trust this program
I need a little help. This is actually a Vista question. I created a shortcut on my desktop to e:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe to start the program. The problem is that it always asks me do I trust this program to run and I have to click ALLOW button. How do I stop this?


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