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| 25th Jan 2009 |      


Thank you for giving us such a good program! I have 2 suggestions that can make Q-dir even better!

1) add a keyboard shortcut or icon to maximize the current working directory. Now we have a single window icon on the menu bar but it only maximize the upper left directory.

2) strengthen the functionality of "Export." Q-dir can export the files and folders information, but It couldn't export the file information for the files in a sub folder.

Thanks for the tip.
TO 1)>
Will try in one of the next version to integrate.

TO 2)>
Please test:
DirPrintOK or MeinPlatz
Is german i must translate ;)

I was happy to hear from your response :)

For DirPrintOK & MeinPlatz. I installed and tried. I admire that they are good programs and very easy to use. However I couldn't use them as they are not unicode.

I still love to see Q-dir will support printing files in the sub directories in the export mode. As only showing folders and files in the directory makes me think the "export" incomplete. Well, it's just my subjective feeling. If DirPirntOK goes unicode, then I might forget about it. ^_^"

O YES UNICODE ! I must do it.
I will ad printing function in Q-Dir in future.

In Windows 2000, and I cannot drag files between panes.
I have used this same program on another Windows 2000 PC and had no problems. I can still copy files using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Multi rename tool, like Total Commander
I think that you should make Multi rename tool and to choose how many digits. Like Total Commander

View and compare fonts that are NOT
Would it be possible to let user view and compare fonts that are NOT installed also? User can choose folder where fonts are saved and view all. If the user likes a font, then click the font and press install to copy font to Font\ folder.

Batch renaming of files like total commander or nexus file.
Batch renaming of files like total commander or nexus file.

Like swaping a directory
I would add only one thing to make it absolutely perfect. The ability to reposition the views. Like swaping a directory from one pane to another.

Fast full view switching.
having folder tabs for the single folder view. there are times when I need to view as many files in a folder as possible, yet want to easily be able to drag and drop these files into another folder. I would love to have all 4 folders appear as tabs so I can drop the file onto the tab to copy it, of course this also means that I can reopen these folders with just a click for fast full view switching.

Settings not sticky in Vista.
However once opened, I can open the rejected file and settings are OK. Also, some common context prompts are not honored by qdir, dragging and dropping seems buggy.

Due to this you are not visually sure that the action has been really performed.
I am starting using Q-Dir and I have noticed that, when you make some changes (movement, delete) to a file, the action is effectively done but the file still appears in its original position and not in the new one unless you exit and re-enter its directory.


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