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| 26th Jan 2009 |      


both do not update zoom on secondary monitor . it stops repainting at the edge of the primary monitor, making for a nice effect in the zoom window :)


I know! I must what do!

I was using Shellfree Exploter until I ran across Q-Dir.
It is a very good explorer replacement, & I have not used it much. I work with a lot of files on a daily basis, & having the ones I use most open with 1 click is very helpful. The preview panel is also a great feature. When I find a job I plan to send you some $$$$ to help you out.

I had previously mentioned refresh error in tree
To which you already responded. I also notice that when a directory is deleted and then you hit the back button to return to that deleted directory you get an error message. The behavior in Explorer is much friendlier. It will return you to the adjacent existing directory. Most times you know you deleted the directory and just want to get back to that part of the directory tree (the reason for hitting back).

I noticed when switching to English language
In the tooltip for refresh in the treeeview (it says "Actualisieren" instead of "Refresh"). 2. At the bottom of the 'View' menu.

Selected folder size in detail view
I could also create other special columns like files inside selected folder and subfolders inside selected folder. I know it can already be done in the status bar in current Q-Dir versions, but this feature would be better used in columns.

Will provide a pop-up menu(like classic style)
I suggest that Q-DIR will provide a pop-up menu(like classic style) when I right click the address-bar's edit path area.Then I can copy the current dir path.

Before getting into the
I have came accross some few bugs while using Q-Dir and hopefully you can help sorting things out. Please find here below a detailed description of the case.

Would it be possible to create a "Tree-View" button at the toolbar for "One4All" option?
Would it be possible to create a "Tree-View" button at the toolbar for "One4All" option?

How do I stop it?
Why does Q dir want to open Omnipage 15 when I right click on a jpeg file??


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