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Would it be possible to add 'Search' to Q-Dir (for files, names of files/directories, content, &c.)?


Wäre es möglich, fügen Sie 'Suchen' zu Q-Dir (für Dateien, die Namen der Dateien / Verzeichnisse, Inhalt, &c.)?

[F3] windows search ;) !
Later more

Well done for this amazing program I am distributing to all my friends
- Add multitab(really useful ) - add new toolbar with drag and drop application ,folder .

In the registry, program data, appdata etc, or am I going blind?
Sorry for the false alarm. don't really know what happened but it started working. no, not because of a reboot, which I did many times. something else corrected the problem

Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available
If I enter a command in the edit field and hit return, the field is "locked". I have to close the tab and re-open.

The file SIZE in BYTES
I'd like to express my gratitude especially for implementing a feature which I requested in my previous contact message, and that was the possibility to launch Q-Dir with a given path argument (i.e. C:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe D:\My Music\) which worked flawlessly for me so far.

Cannot access folders on my QNAP NAS
Updated to Q-Dir v3.67 from v3.51. Note that v3.67 cannot access folders on my QNAP NAS . v3.51 had no problem to do this. So I have reverted back to v3.51. You may want to investigate this networking issue.

When the user presses the Search
Using Explorer (or My Computer), the user can start typing the search string immediately after pressing the Search, F3, key. The typed string will appear in the

Manually set a default folder location path?
Would it be possible to incorporate an option which enables user to manually set a default folder location path?

Where the panes meet will be a small square that you click on.
It would be great if the center of the three panes of more could be maneuverable across the whole screen. In effect you have a central point to adjust the sizes of the viewing panes. I hope I have explained it ok.


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