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| 27th Jan 2009 |      


I love your program. It runs fine in Windows XP, but when I run it in Windows Vista Home Basic I always get the Open File - Security Warning "This publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?" When I click Run none of my preset windows for your app appear; only the default settings.

Can you put your publisher info into the executable so it runs without this warning in Vista Home Basic?

Thanks and regards,

Plesae read this:

Very fast response, thank you.

Note that I unpacked the ZIP file before installing, so I don't think that was the source of the problem.

The error happened when I used the Q-Dir shortcut on the Vista Quick Launch bar (this shortcut was created by your installation). I deleted that shortcut and created a new shortcut directly from the executable, moving the newly created shortcut from the desktop to the Quick Launch bar. Vista asked me a couple more times if the application was safe, then seemed to accept that. Don't see the warnings anymore. But the "Extras|Q-Dir always ...|With current window position" setting still won't work in my Vista.

I think if you added a digital signature to your installation executable and to your application executable, Vista will not complain. As a layer of security Vista now looks for pedigree in executables, which I think is reasonable.

Q-Dir is a great product and I find it indispensible. I appreciate all your efforts to tune it so it runs well on both XP and Vista. I was in the software business a few years back and know how much work this is.

Thanks and best wishes for 2009,

Is this 32 bit or 64 bit!

A syncronizing feature that would allow u to syncronize 2 folders.
With options like filtering if the files are equal or not equal or missing or different. I would use this feature to backup my documents folder for example. With the filter feature i would be able to see what files are different on my documents folder to say an external drives and nuke them and re back them up with the changes.

Folder sizes would be a nice.
I work on it! I work at optimisation for slow HD/PC ;)

This is a restricted location not write accessible to non-privileged users.
Configuration parameters should be written to the locations defined by either "AppData" or "Local AppData" in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders] to ensure they are writeable & personal to each user.

Multi rename tool, like Total Commander
I think that you should make Multi rename tool and to choose how many digits. Like Total Commander

If I install Adobe Acrobat 7.0,
I know it is possible to have this feature in Windows Explorer if I install Adobe Acrobat 7.0, but that program is very slow uses a lot of resources.

Replaced every other file manager
I love your file manager Q-Dir, it's replaced every other file manager I have ever used, and it would be perfect if I could disable the click sound it makes on navigation

AUTO save view mode and organize methods for individual folders
Single Pane! - AUTO save view mode and organize methods for individual folders (including show in groups, auto-organize and aline to grid) - Keep this options for the next time the program runs!

The default font should be the same as the system font for Windows Explorer.
The default font should be the same as the system font for Windows Explorer.


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