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Fabulous arrangement and utilization of Windows Dir..however , I am having trouble dragging and dropping from one pane to the other. Sometimes it works one or two times and then I cannot pick up the dragged file from the original folder at all. I can highlight it, but it is stuck. If I go to the normal Windows Explorer, everything works. Also..in a pane, if there are two columns...one on the right of the pane and one on the left..and I highlight a file on the left, the entire column shifts to the right..is this normal?

Maybe this helps:
Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for response…I am not using a network drive.

Second question…is there a way to make the file name longer? It seems to be cutoff at around 26 characters. Some of my files have longer names. When I mouse over them the full name shows, but I would like to see that in the pane itself..thanks

Your console wrapper is a good idea for me to make my work colorful.
However, there is a problem because I cannot break my command (which takes a long time) using CTRL+C. How can I do that, or will it be added in future releases?

I don't speak German but you program seems to be very useful.
I don't speak German but you program seems to be very useful. Could i translate Q-Dir in French ?

I had previously mentioned refresh error in tree
To which you already responded. I also notice that when a directory is deleted and then you hit the back button to return to that deleted directory you get an error message. The behavior in Explorer is much friendlier. It will return you to the adjacent existing directory. Most times you know you deleted the directory and just want to get back to that part of the directory tree (the reason for hitting back).

Not outsite the list of files or folders
Select a part of files or folders by draging so that the draging start within the list of files or folders, not outsite the list of files or folders

One-click way to immediately
Unless some people change languages very frequently, you might consider simplifying the "File" menu by putting all the language flags in a submenu. I suppose you have a reason for not having language selections in the Options pane.

I am glad to
Use Q-Dir, Thank you.

Is it possible to have the preview panel read html, txt, rtf and doc files.
Is it possible to have the preview panel read html, txt, rtf and doc files.


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