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I am using Q-Dir 3.51 on a Netbook Laptop with a screen of 1024 x 600 in a window 740 by 400., initially because there is no way of permanently changing the default in Explorer from 800 x 600, which is too big for this environment. 1) I would prefer to make Q-Dir less wide, about 550 pixels or even less when used without the tree, but I cannot because the items on the menu start disappearing. The first to go is "Info" in tne menu rendering it unusable if you need to change settings there. An option to drag the icons from the right of that to a position underneath would solve that. 2) I doubt others less determined than I am would have bothered. You need to explain several features. If you would follow up on this and I will write you again telling you which settings most need some explanation. For example: Without help text, I nearly had to abandon Q-Dir because, after trying out all the settings and options I could not get back to what I wanted as the default settings. The lack of documentation is understandable for a free product, but what is the point of less thasn obvious features if nobody know how to use them, and there are many? After trying other free Explorer replacements, none of which were nearly as good as Q-Dir, I perservered with it and eventually discovered that I could save Favorites and invoke them when loading Q-Dir with the syntax "C:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\Steve\My Documents\Favorites_Q_Dir\One Pane.qdr" the target in a shortcut and "One Pane" was the name I gave to the Favourite. I now have other shortcuts to load with two panes, etc. See also separate message about a bug. Regards, St,,,,,, F,,,,,
ANSWER : Thanks for the tips. To1> i can do, i will do To2>Tell me To3>O yes! i must more writing about Q-Dir and help text in Q-Dir! Hello again Nenad, As I tried to suggest last time, you make it hard for anyone less technical than you are to use many of the features of Q-Dir or even understand what is there, which is a pity. I have less knowledge than you but enough to second guess beyond my actual experience some of the time. What about the poor people who cannot do that for, even with it, I am struggling? Well here are my suggestions. Please remember I think Q-Dir is splendid but served a little raw. I am only trying to help by saying to you where most your users and potential users would benefit from help on offer up front. That is not to say this would be enough but, in my opinion these are the highest priorities. File New (Cloning) Not at all obvious what this is and why it appears Instead of File New Folder. View Odd place to put File New Folder, so you need to tell users it is there. Also need to say what happens when using it while the focus is on a file rather than a folder because it still comes up then! View File New Briefcase Most people know nothing about briefcases, including me. What is it, and what for? Where does one go for more background on this topic? View File New Bitmap Image Not at all obvious what this is for and when you'd use it. View New Word, text, Excel etc Actually quite useful that empty files of this kind are created but not obvious and experimenting with files and folders inside Q-Dir just to find out as I have done is dangerous enough that I felt very nervous doing so without any guidance. Should not have had to do so. Favorites I figured out that Favorites store many of the settings in Q-Dir enabling you to open Q-Dir with those settings. Should not have to do so or guess how to use them. Which settings are stored and which are excluded? Favorites Why when creating a new favourite while the focus is on a given folder (or file within a given folder) do you get offered the crazy Favourites name of "Folder Name_My Computer_My Computer_My Computer" ? This only confuses the less self-assured users as if there is some significance in that most peculiar name! Extras Q-Dir always What are the normal options? What are the distinctions that you would choose between "with last window position" and with "current window position" ? Does the window size also come into it or only the position of something to do with the window that is taken account of? Extras What does List View Select all do and when? Extras List View Mouse Wheel Focus No idea what this means or when to use Extras Show Hidden Files and Folders This does not work. I have it checked yet hidden files and folders show in C:\Windows for example. I do not want any number of entries such as $NtServicePackUninstallNLSDownlevelMapping$ appearing. Extras System Register *.qdr Would have been nice if you explained what I eventually discovered, that favorites are saved in *.qdr files and that by registering them you can open Q-dir on those favorite settings by double clicking on the *.qdr filename or a shortcut to it. More Options Navigate forwards and backwards (like MS Explorer).What do these two options refer to and do? Also, when I first installed Q-Dir I managed fairly quickly to get it to display exactly as I wanted in spite of a lot of guesswork being needed due to lack of documentation. Later, I decided to be bold enough to try out the less obvious options but afterwards could not get Q-Dir back to where I started so \I could load it set with the options I wanted. Obviously, some of the settings it was defaulting to had been changed by my experimenting but there was no clear at all which! Still actually isn't but at least when discovered Favorites, I was able to work around this. It is a bit like being presented with a new BMW with paddles for gear changing and no gear change lever or clutch and no clue as to what the paddles do or mention in the manual. Or perhaps you drive a Russian built Skoda without even a gear box? Regards, St,,,,,

In Windows XP and in Vista deleting a shortcut should NOT delete
Yesterday he could not access his Pictures folder that contained several subfolders using Q-Dir or using Windows Explorer. When he deleted a shortcut (link) to Pictures folder which was in his Documents folder using Q-Dir, the following were deleted:

Für <- Unicode? lol
Check for updates button or automated - Multi languages - Search function

I've been using Salamander 1.42 for a long time
One feature that I was not able to locate is the possibility to have the program start always with the same directories in the panels. In my case for example I need C:\ and M:\ (a network drive) to be there every time I start QDir.

After PowerDesk, FreeCommander and many other file managers
It is versatile and user friendly. And it is looking good. Fun to work with. A great help to fight chaos in an ever growing and complex file system. Recommended

I had this bug in the precedant version. When I enable the automatic startup
I had this bug in the precedant version. When I enable the automatic startup

I do not find thumbnail icon
And method prescribed by you to open jpg files do not work. If I click the jpg photo, the windows picture manager and so opens. I am I doing something wrong?

How do I properly manage or delete the favorites?
How do I properly manage or delete the favorites?

At one point I got it to show the "Folder Size" column
How did I get these options on one computer but not the other computer .…it looks like the one on your page.


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