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| 2th Jan 2009 |      


Thank you for a very good program.
Here are some suggestions for improvement:
1. A hotkey for folder creation - when you press it, a foldere is created in the currently selected pane.Currently you can only do this by right click and select from menu or by click on the button. A hotkey (e.g. F8) linked to that button would be nice.
2. when in multiple mane view with one folder tree pane and multitple file panes(1 for all), it is not very clear which pane is active. My suggestion is to give each pane a title bar showing the current path, which would be coloured when active and greyed out when inactive , like win explorer windows when in foreground and in background, respectively.

Thank you

TO1>hotkey for folder creation
Is Ctrl+N not god ;(
FAQ: http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=faq-Q-DIR&faq=3

TO2>hotkey for folder creation
OK ! I will add an highlight option for address bar

can your define #BG for background-color
and #BG-A background-color for active view

Thank you for your prompt answer.

About Ctrl N as shortcut for folder creation, I was not aware of it, I must have been using an older version of the program. I noticed it just after sending the message. However, a single F key would be even better, you can use it with one hand :).

About the titlebar highlight. I am not sure I explained very clearly what I mean. I was thinking maybe we could have a single address bar for all three panes, but each pane should have a title bar, like an independent window, and this title bar was to be highlighted. Something like this happens in xplorer2. In the attached screenshot I have indicated it with a red arrow.


4 highlight in 3.49 see screenshot!

Can you add, in the favorite qdr file the style of view for each windows.
For images folder favorite I need to view Thumbnails and for only explorer file I need to view details. When I switch between these favorite, all view must be like the save of qdr file.

Is it possible to execute a batch or a script with the file selected in argument ?
I want to put a command line in execute function like (copy a file in a folder where my windows is) CopyPRMVBS=%windir%cmd.exe /c "copy C:\prm\prm.vbs ." Is that possible ?

Copy and working copy of source code
I often use this to copy files between two locations that have the same directory hierarchy. For example, source code control local copy and working copy of source code .

On the other (main) monitor it works fine:
On the other (main) monitor it works fine: it magnifies any part of the screen. Moving the mouse to the second screen, it shows the magnified mainscreen part on the secondary screen. So it does not switch to the second screen.

A syncronizing feature that would allow u to syncronize 2 folders.
With options like filtering if the files are equal or not equal or missing or different. I would use this feature to backup my documents folder for example. With the filter feature i would be able to see what files are different on my documents folder to say an external drives and nuke them and re back them up with the changes.

Enable the "All have one" feature,
And then click the new icon in order to see the folders list. How about if Q-Dir were to remember this setting each time I start it?. Whoops, I just found that: I select [Extras]->[Starting As] and selected [Remember last]. OK, it is now a minor quibble - this is not in the most zelbsferschtendlich (intuitive) place.

If exists English version of this.?
Or, can you imagine any way to make this localization, please?

Integration 7-Zip options in context menu and russian language
Integration 7-Zip options in context menu and russian language


Quick-Link's :Remembered FontsRestore icon positions x64Print directory
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