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| 6th Feb 2009 |      


i open 4 windows everyday but should locate the directory angain next time always.
it's really a big bother, i need the function as
"open windows with last layout"

thanks for any suggestion!

Is this Vista or XP (32 or 64 bit): ????

Yes, I am using XP(32bit)-sp2

This is the right access problemm!
I Will try make it better in next Q-Dir version!

But Install Q-Dir directly into (C:\) eg: "C:/Q-dir/Q-dir.exe"
Test again, then send me a report. Please!!!!


I am using Q-dir as default file manager(Setting "*Q-Dir" as default action for file folders).
I prefer to use "listview" for folders and "1-dir". When I choose "starting as" -> "use last view", then it is okay. But when I choose "starting as" -> "1-Dir", then when I double-click on a folder to open, it starts with "detailed view". Is there a way to make q-dir start with "list view", without using a desktop shortcut(xxx.qdr)?

Preview pane support other file formats like .pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.
Wonderful little Explorer alternative. Great functionality. Thanks! Would love to see the preview pane support other file formats like .pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.

Single pane for all of us who have small monitor,
Right click on pane border(when in dual pane) to "minimize"(swap, hide it, make it minimal in size) second pane to the window border. I hope you understand, my english.

For explorer when opening folders/drives;
Nice program! It would be nice to have an option to substitute QDir for explorer when opening folders/drives; like PowerDesk but this is still very useful

Remember which folders or drives
How can I have Q-Dir remember which folders or drives were opened, so that next time it remembers this? Example, I always want Q-Dir to open C in upper left, D in upper right, My Docs in lower left and MyMusic in lower right.

You could create a special column with the selected folder size
You could create a special column with the selected folder size in detail view mode. I could also create other special columns like files inside selected folder and subfolders inside selected folder.

There could be a key to make the "zoom window" stop following the cursor.
What is being shown inside the zoom window would still be updated when the mouse moves, only the window itself would be still.

I can arrange my data in four split windows once.
I can arrange my data in four split windows once.


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