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| 8th Feb 2009 |      


hello, I'm using Q-Dir 3.51 under Vista,
I'd like to disable the internal archive support, since I prefer using 7-Zip. Is is possible ?

>> Your Vista is x64 !!!
>> I work on Q-Dir x64

> thanks for your suggestion.
> I've tried on different computers, some running windows xp sp3.
> on one of these xp computers q-dir acts strange: after setting
> *.zip; like your suggestion I cannot open zip archives by
> double click: when I double click it happens nothing!
> but instead if I right click on the zip file and select OPEN
> then it is opened in 7-zip... strange!

This is predefined in system!

How can I make the list view fonts larger
How can I make the list view fonts larger

Fully integrate qdir into windows,
I would love to see the ability to fully integrate qdir into windows, so instead of using windows explorer it opens qdir

I think you are going the right way with Q-Dir but there is always room for improvements.
-refresh button -red color for delete icon -shortcuts for quick view and quick edit configurable for external programs -copy and move shortcuts from active to inactive panel (horizontal or vertical)

Preview pane support other file formats like .pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.
Wonderful little Explorer alternative. Great functionality. Thanks! Would love to see the preview pane support other file formats like .pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.

File with no name , just extension like
I did it,in the attached archive file. Hav a nice day.

Delete a folder using another program
I notice that if i delete a folder using another program and then try to update the tree view using either F5 or the menu to remove that now missing folder, the tree view does not update and still shows the missing folder but the folder column to the right of the tree view does update correctly (in explorer, the tree view does update automatically correctly). Is this by design and is there a way to change this behavior?

Could you please build in an option so that I can select 1,2 or 4 panels to display?
Perhaps I will send you a thank-you reward after 30 days if I still find your program as good as I do today.

Customizable toolbars
Compare/Synchronize folders feature - Disk space useage info for USB Flash drives (Currently only gives info on standard HDs)


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